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Corsair Store

Corsair Store

Corsair is a global innovative brand, renowned for producing high-performance components for the PC gaming market. Corsair specialises in very high performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, builder-friendly cases and ground-breaking CPU coolers. They are the products of choice for overclockers, enthusiasts and gamers across the UK.

Corsair PSUs

Corsair state-of-the-art power supplies are built for the reliable delivery of clean power under imperfect conditions. If you require mission-critical stability or you simply want one of the best power supplies available, Corsair power supplies will exceed your expectations.

Pro Series Gold
The ultimate choice for discerning enthusiasts, the Pro Gold Series of power supplies set a new standard for performance, quality, reliability, and energy-efficiency.

Pro Series
Built using Industrial Grade electrical components to ensure stable, clean and reliable voltages essential for high-end gaming.

Enthusiast Series
The Enthusiast Series is a family of high-wattage, high-performance power supplies that meet and exceed the most demanding specifications.

Gaming Series
Gaming Series power supplies are the ideal price-performance solutions for gamers who want stylish, high-performance PSUs.

Builder Series
The Builder Series delivers worry-free compatibility, with premium features for home system builds.

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Corsair Cases

A great system starts with a great foundation and Corsair has an award-winning family family of cases, designed by builders, for builders, making them an ideal starting point for your next system or a great upgrade to your existing system.

Obsidian Series
The award-winning simple and understated elegance Obsidian Series of cases are ideal for system upgrades.

Graphite Series
Graphite Series cases were designed by performance enthusiasts to provide full tower features in a mid-tower case, with emphasis on performance and style.

Carbide Series
The Carbide Series of mid-tower PC cases are designed to be the foundations of awesome gaming rigs. They combine the latest technology and ergonomic innovations, lots of room to build and expand, and massive cooling potential.

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Corsair Cooling

All of Corsair's high-performance cooling solutions are designed to remove heat quietly and efficiently, as excessive heat can be deadly to high-performance silicon such as memory and CPUs. Don't settle for a stock cooling fan, especially if you're looking for extra performance.

Hyrdo Series
The Hydro Series CPU Coolers give you the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy-to-install package. You get superior cooling for higher overclocking performance without the complexity of traditional liquid-cooling systems.

Air Series
The Air Series High-Performance CPU Coolers use advanced thermal engineering technology to deliver superior air cooling performance. Copper heatpipes directly contact your CPU, providing excellent heat transfer efficiency.

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