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Duncs Deals - Archive

Dunc's Deals: The Archives
The thoughts and ramblings of Dunc, stored forever. Oh dear.

Update #7: August 27th 2010
Mountain Rescue, Mafia and Monday off!

"What a difference a week makes, 168 little hours!"

Well, well, well... here we are again! It's Friday! Not just any Friday though - it's special in oh so many ways! First off, it's the last Friday of the month, which means its Pay Day. Luckily Ann in Human Resources agreed to pay me - but only because I ensure she gets her weekly Bacon and Cheese toastie for breakfast. Secondly, the last Friday of the month means Nicola - PA to the directors of - lets us wear our own clothes, as long as we pay a quid for charity. Now I still say own clothes as if I'm at school - I always wear my own clothes - it's socially inappropriate not to... but "dress down day" sounds rubbish!

So here I am typing away furiously with my Bacon Barm in one hand and my £1 ready to donate to Bolton Mountain Rescue (don't ask) placed on my keyboard. Another reason why this Friday is EXTRA special is that it's a Bank Holiday weekend - is it just me or does it feel ages since the last? The marketing team - Sam, Matt and our newest designer Michelle - were so excited that they have been working hard on a fantastic Bank Holiday offers email that went our last night, and also bargain-filled landing page on the website. So don't worry about the weather this weekend, spend some time looking over our Bank Holiday bargains and invest your pay cheque wisely!

"168 little hours" ago it was last Friday, and I was telling you how looking out of the window here at dabs seemed like the apocalypse was upon us. Well I'm happy to report that Bolton was spared this week, and it is currently glorious sunshine! Will it last? We doubt it! Edit: Its 3.30pm and it looks like hell again!

As I also told you last week, I am now sat next to 'Social Media Guru' Sam. The response to last week's #Free Game Friday on Twitter, and our "What do you like about dabs" Facebook giveaway were very impressive. 'Follow' and 'Like' us respectively to get involved!

The 'Speak To Dunc' section has also been busy this week - thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Please keep sending them in! You never know, a 'Don' might visit your inbox if I like what you send in...


MAFIA II IS HERE, ARM YOURSELF WITH AN NVIDIA® GeForce® GRAPHICS CARD! Sorry for shouting - it's the excitement in the office! The game is out now, and the NVIDIA promotion is live. Steve (consumer team product manager) and Clive (Customer Services Supervisor) have already accosted me begging for vouchers! However I'm afraid if you want to grab a free can... but only when you buy qualifying NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics card - check the landing page out for full details.

From the FreeD winners announcement, to last week's un-boxing of the ASUS AMD and Intel Self Build PC Bundles, the feedback for the last couple of videos has been really positive. Unfortunately I haven't had time to complete one this week, as I've been working non-stop to get the best deals around for my loyal 'Dunc's Deals' readers. For next week's video, I'm calling in the troops, Dunc needs YOU! I want you to drop me a line via 'Speak To Dunc' with your suggestions as to what YOU want me to video next week. But please do keep it clean, and keep it legal - I don't want to end up on fail blog (which by the way is a great YouTube channel if you're ever in the mood for some good old-fashioned laughter at other people's misfortune)! I think this is my favourite fail blog video of all time...Best Man Fail.

I also told you last week that the hotly-anticipated exclusive XFX CrossFireX 5770 Graphics Card bundle was available. The offer actually received a 'Kit Guru Must Have' award this week - so thanks to the guys there! Remember that the offer comes with two single slot variants of the 5770, a Dirt2 game download, and when you buy you can email me to claim a £10 DabsPlay voucher! In addition, to celebrate the 'Kit Guru Must Have' award, we are giving a FREE download of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to anyone who buys before August 30th 2010. Simply place your order and I will send you a download code via email, worth £34.99!



I received some great feedback about the exclusive offers on Dunc's Deals last week, so I have decided to repeat a couple, as well as offer a few extra ones for you today. First up, I want to replicate the £25 discount offer on the Asus AMD Ultimate - strictly for Dunc's Deal readers. For the Asus Intel Entry bundle, you can have £5 off - and remember the Intel Bundles could win you a £300 Solid State Drive!

A couple of 'Storage Specials' for you now! I'm repeating the £5 discount offer on the Seagate 2TB Barracuda - now just £84.98. Or if you'd rather upgrade to SSD, then this Corsair 128GB Performance is perfect - even better with £10 off just for you!

We've also just dropped the price of the Buffalo 2TB LinkStation Live NAS by £15 for all users - but for Dunc's Deals readers, I've squeezed another fiver off for you! Finally, for storage, here is the Hitachi 1TB XL Series Desktop hard drive with £5 off (usual price £54.99)!

Promotion wise we have just been able to restart the Kingston SSD Pricedown Promotion to run between August 25th - September 10th 2010, check it out today, you can save up to £35! Intel have also done some price moves on their X25 Mainstream Sold State Drives so ensure you take a look at the range.

Finally - as I am excited about the Bank Holiday Weekend I have decided to give away some games to anyone who buys a graphics card over £100 between August 26th and August 31st 2010. If you buy any ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce graphic card worth over £100 - you can claim a free game! Click here to find out how!

Enjoy the deals - make suggestions as to what else you'd like to see here by contacting me!


Well that's it - another week down - and yes, that means its 119 days to Christmas... whoa, that's actually pretty scary! Have a great extended weekend everyone - take advantage of the extra day, and make sure you check out the Bank Holiday Bargains page and all the other deals we've got for you below.

Update #6: August 20th 2010
Helping Kris Akabusi (tenuous), Hose-pipe Bans and Crazy Deals!


It's Friday once again and as I am writing this, and you are reading it, it must mean we all survived Friday 13th - although looking out of the window here at dabs it looks like the apocalypse. It is gloomy and currently lashing it down...not only that, but there are some rumbles of thunder... is it really mid-august? It's not all doom and gloom though for us up north; yesterday our Hose Pipe Ban was lifted - yeah, thanks for recognising that it has rained for seven weeks straight up north United Utilities!

Another reason to be happy is that the football season is back; Blackpool are flying high, Preston are bottom of the league (sorry Mike - our head designer and loyal/foolhardy/optimistic PNE fan) and Bolton are mid-table! Happy days! If you don't like football don't worry; X-Factor starts tomorrow! I for one look forward to seeing Simon crush the dreams of mis-guided teens for the next few weeks!

So while your Saturdays now belong to Jeff Stelling and Simon Cowell, your Fridays still belong to Dunc... so onto the good stuff!

After last week telling you that we had a big desk move at dabs - I too have been relocated - in fact I am now sat next to our "Social Media Guru" Sam (he doesn't call himself that, we do). He is the man who handles all your Twitter and Facebook queries. He also launches unique promotions for dabs including Free Game Friday on Twitter - follow us now to take part!

Now the Kris Akabusi link may be tenuous but allow me to explain. Last week I told you that a Massachusetts man had a pea plant was growing in his lung - that question was subsequently in our local Pub Quiz this week and my team, Quiz Akabusi , were in quick with the answer. Just shows that you can visit, read Dunc's Deals, buy some kit, and be successful at quizzes. Winner! So if you're in a pub quiz team, let Dunc help you out - always remember that Bluetooth was named after King Harald of Denmark, and Kentucky is known as 'The Bluegrass State'. You can thank me later...

Speaking of winning things, Laura - our Networking and Optical/PSU product manager - wants to see your originality, or be made to laugh! To win a Plextor 4x External Slim Top-loading BD-ROM worth £79.99 all you have to do is follow us on Twitter or Facebook and tell us what Blu-ray film you are most looking forward to watching and why - easy!

Thanks again for all your comments and free download claims via the Speak To Dunc section - this week I want to find out what you DO and DON'T like about dabs. Anything and everything. After all, if we don't know, we cant help! Drop me a comment today and I will ensure that you get a free download voucher for Assassins Creed II!

Before we get onto the products a quick shoutout to all the students getting their results this week, hopefully you all got what you needed! Whether you're after something ready for school/college or just looking to invest your student loans wisely, ensure you take a moment to look over our extensive Back To School range.


Thanks for checking out last week's video that announced the winners of our NVIDIA Free D Promotion we ran in July - if you missed it, watch it now on our YouTube channel. One man I reckon did watch it was Comedian David Mitchell - he was so upset about not winning, he used his popular Soapbox on YouTube to complain about the gimmickry of bad 3D... in bad 3D! If you want to watch his video, click here - but if you want to watch it in 3D, then drop me a message on Speak To Dunc and I'll send you a set of cardboard 3D glasses - 20 pairs available!

When I filmed last week's video, I also unboxed our brand new ASUS AMD and Intel Self Build PC Bundles. If you've ever wondered what you actually get in there, or want to see the fantastic prizes available for buying the AMD or Intel versions, check out the video below.

Please be aware that when I filmed the video, the Intel promotion was not confirmed; but I can now tell you that anyone buying one of the Value, Performance or Ultimate Intel Self-Build Bundles will be automatically entered into a draw to win an Intel 160GB X25-M Solid State Drive worth over £300!

As promised last week our XFX CrossFireX 5770 Graphics Card bundle is now in stock! Two single slot variants of the 5770 are in the bundle, along with a Dirt2 game download. When you buy you can email me to claim a £10 DabsPlay voucher! Another exclusive!


Once again, you lot went crazy for the exclusive Dunc's Deal special offers; so I want to keep this tradition up! To get the discounts, just use the special links below!

First off, let's give you some crazy pricing on the bundles you've just seen above! For the Asus AMD Ultimate bundle how does £25 off grab you? For the Asus Intel Performance bundle you can have £10 off! Remember too that the AMD bundles get you in the pot to win a Case and PSU, and the Intel bundles could net you a free SSD!

Looking for storage? Look no further with this exclusive price of £44.99 on the Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 7200RPM hard drive, or if you need more space I have £5 off the Seagate 2TB Barracuda - now just £84.98. Finally before I sign off on the exclusives, we just took stock of this Buffalo 1TB Linkstation Duo - this Dunc's Deal link gets you £10 off!

Keep the orders coming in for the Asus AMD Self-Build PC Bundles - you haven't disappointed so far! Don't forget that orders in August go into a draw to win a Corsair Professional Series HX750W PSU worth over £110 and a Thermaltake Aguila VD1000BNS Mid Tower ATX Case worth over £60!

I hinted last week that loyal Intel customers were soon to be catered for with an Entry, Performance and Ultimate Bundle - the latter packs a Core i7-930! Take a look now and get your orders on. We will have a similar promo for a giveaway on these bundles to be launched next week; however rest assured that all orders for August will be counted in the draw!


OK calm down, don't get too excited, I said 'may be'! I'm supposed to be off diving with Tiger Sharks this weekend with the missus, so it depends if one of them decides I look tasty - fingers crossed they are veggie and Dunc doesn't end up fish food! Have a great weekend everybody - check out the other deals we've got for you below and get in touch via Speak To Dunc. For those wanting RSS feeds too - it's coming... sooner than you think!



Update #5: August 13th 2010
Keith Lemon, Peas, Exclusive deals & Ben the Dog needs a meal!

"I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night"

Well done if you're reading this today - Friday 13th - or even afterwards; as it means you survived "the most feared day of the year". Despite my claims that I am terrified of the day, my application for time off was rejected - I expect they realised I just wanted to sit at home and watch 'Heir Hunters' and 'Homes under the Hammer'! One person who will have all the time to do that and more is the girl who quit her job and exposed her boss on a white board this week - it's classic!

No news of cakes or birthdays this week, in fact not much to tell you office wise except we've had a big desk move at dabs. Debs and Fletcher, both mentioned in previous blogs, have moved to escape me over to the other side of the room; to quote Debs, "it's better than a pay rise!" Don't worry though, they can't run forever.

One thing that did happen this week is a discussion about eating Peas from the Pod* - I was verbally abused for not being a fan of them by most of the office, well - let me ask who is laughing now, with the news that a Massachusetts man had a pea plant growing in his lung?!
*we do actually get on with work as well as eat cake and discuss random topics (just in case our CEO or Directors read this!)

A week on and the emails, comments and free download claims for Stormrise or Stalker: Call Of Pripyat have been flooding in via theSpeak To Dunc section. Thanks to all those who have been in touch - the feedback was really useful, and as I want more, I am going to extend the offer for one more week! Drop me a comment today!

AMD/ATI and Intel were in the building this week. Both companies made the trip to dabs to talk over new products and opportunities that will be made available to you guys over the coming weeks and months. AMD/ATI discussed the ATI Radeon 6000 Graphics Card range that will be coming out towards the end of the year, while Intel gave us an overview of new Processors that will be available soon. Exciting times for both companies! Intel even gave us a look at their new cinema advertising for Core i5, where the penguins from Madagascar steal a chip! Take a look!

As promised, in last week's blog we secured some special pricing on Kingston SSD - if you haven't seen it yet then make sure you take a look - offers end Monday 16th. While on the subject of Solid State Drives, Intel has announced a price drop from next week on V and M series products. Look out for them early next week! PS: I shouldn't really tell you this, but something special is coming in September on dabs for those who buy X25-M SSD drives... hmm, I've already said too much!

TechRadar asked "what's the best 2TB external hard drive" this week and, as ever, we have some of the best deals on 2TB External Hard Drives. Check out the review and then make your choice from our range, also look further down this page for a Buffalo 2TB deal with £10 off!

On a personal note, I've already mentioned that I am the owner of the HTC Hero - a disgruntled owner to be honest, as I am still waiting for some form of Android update. Good news is that it looks like HTC have heard my cries, and are set to unveil the HTC Desire HD on September 15th! Judging by the early spec, it looks remarkably like the EVO 4G, which won't make its way to the UK any time soon.


Last week I had no time to do a product video, but as I promised I made time this week; in fact I stood wearing cardboard 3D glasses between my cardboard cut out and Ruby while having boxes thrown at me - all on video! Some of you may remember the NVIDIA Free D Promotion we ran in July; where anyone who bought a GTX 465, 478 or 480 from went into a draw to win one of six pairs of NVIDIA 3D Vision with Avatar Game. We decided to draw the lucky winners at random, and then announce the names of the lucky six in the video below! So if you bought a GTX 465, 478 or 480 in July - or if you just want to see Sam throwing boxes at me and understand the "I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night" comment at the top - then check it out now!

Anyone who saw the email earlier this week should have seen the news piece on our upcoming CrossFireX 5770 Graphics Card bundle. XFX announced the single-slot card variant of the Radeon 5700; so we have linked up with them to offer you an incredible CrossFireX bundle. The bundle comes with two 5770's, a Dirt2 game download and a £10 DabsPlay voucher - the bundle will be available on dabs next week!


It's deal time! Last week many of you took advantage of the exclusive price offers I gave you on the Buffalo 500GB LinkStation Live and the Iomega 500GB Select - both with £5 off. This week we have more! Debs, and our flamboyant Buffalo account manager Jon, have decided to offer Dunc's Deals readers some Buffalo JustStore specials - the 1TB Desktop hard drive, down to £54.99 and its 2TB big brother - with an incredible £10 off - now just £89.99!

You should be aware that Ben, the loyal Labrador of Debs, our Components and Storage buyer, is relying on you to snap up these deals - he is hungry...don't let him survive on scraps, buy our incredible hard drive deals and ensure he gets a decent meal! Please note: the only animal cruelty at work here is his enforced choice of football team - he has asked for a Bolton Wanderers bowl.

Keep the orders coming in for the Asus AMD Self-Build PC Bundles - you haven't disappointed so far! Don't forget that orders in August go into a draw to win a Corsair Professional Series HX750W PSU worth over £110 and a Thermaltake Aguila VD1000BNS Mid Tower ATX Case worth over £60!

I hinted last week that loyal Intel customers were soon to be catered for with an Entry, Performance and Ultimate Bundle - the latter packs a Core i7-930! Take a look now and get your orders on. We will have a similar promo for a giveaway on these bundles to be launched next week; however rest assured that all orders for August will be counted in the draw!


Signing off for another week - this time in the words of Keith Lemon! I'm off to have a relaxing weekend doing as little as possible - have a great weekend, after you've snapped up all the deals on dabs why not hit the beach - just don't do it literally like this guy!

Make sure you check out the recommended Dunc's Deals below, get in touch via Speak To Dunc or email directly and check back next week for more news, video, exclusives and offers.

Update #4: August 6th 2010
UFO’s, Presidents, Bundles, Free Stuff and Exclusive Deals!


It’s that time again! Friday used to just signal the last day of the working week, the culmination of days that have flown by and left you begging for the weekend – now it also means you get to hear from me! I know; I love weekends too! I have to be careful while writing this, nothing untoward; it’s just that I am typing while tucking into some home-baking. Caroline, in our Marketing Team, has made our Consumer Manager Neil a birthday cake for his 40th (34th) - nothing better than a Victoria Sponge in the office – and I am littering my keyboard with crumbs.

In a week where we found out that Churchill had UFO concerns and a member of The Fugees wants to be president (of Haiti) it’s been all go for me too – sort of. Again I have been responding to more emails and comments via the ‘Speak To Dunc’ section - thanks to every one of you who took time out to drop me a line. From the technology questions, the price match enquiries, right through to the two chaps who stayed up until gone midnight - one who had some nice things to say and the other who took time to launch a tirade of abuse towards me and my avatar, much were the inspiration for the Kelis quote above! Don’t be shy, next time leave your email so we can talk about your spelling!

The dabs offices have been a hive of activity this week with visits from, amongst others, Startech - who make stuff you need but you don't neccessarily know it (check out their ConXit Wizard), Kingston - who are going to be doing some VERY special pricing on Kingston SSD next week on and wedged in-between, we saw Linksys/Flip Video and discussed some great new kit coming from them over the coming weeks. If you want the best from your broadband and wireless connections, and you're into video, then these two are going to be giving you all you need - we'll be keeping you posted!

In technology news, we were pleased to see some news on TechRadar about PC Gaming being confirmed "double the size of consoles" - what are you waiting for? Let me help you 'Revive Your PC' today!

I told you last week that Starcraft II came out, and I am pleased to see that 1.5 million of you went out to buy it - I'd like to take all the credit - but I can't. What I can take credit for is replying to all the emails from those of you who claimed their FREE TRIAL of Starcraft II that I announced last week with selected NVIDIA graphics cards. They have been flying out! Keep claiming!


Unfortunately I've had no time this week to do a product video - but ensure you check back next week! In the meantime, why not subscribe to the channel where you can watch the previous videos of the un-boxing of both the Asus ARES 5870 and the LG N1T1 NAS.

I've got more Pre-Order and New Product news today. After Corsair gave us the 600T Graphite Series Mid-Tower Gaming Case pre-order details last week they followed it up with their Hydro Series H70 High-Performance CPU Cooler - take a look at it today and place an order to get one the moment they land in mid August.

Kingston have announced their range of Water Cooled HyperX memory products this week. Three kits will be available to satisfy 4GB and 6GB dual and triple channel setups - look out for them on dabs next week!

In other news, I've had some enquiries from people who want to benefit from USB3 and SATA 6GBs connectors but don't want to upgrade their full setup. Dunc recommends investing in the Asus USS6 USB 3.0 / SATA 600 PCI-Express Card - easy peasy!


Now then, lets get down to business! Debs has given me some REAL EXCLUSIVES this week on Dunc's Deals - exclusive pricing just for you on some storage! The Buffalo 500GB LinkStation Live II NAS has just come into stock at £79.99, but for you Dunc's Deal readers, you can have it for £74.99 - just by clicking here!

Perhaps NAS isn't for you, maybe you need your files to access on the go, if so then the Iomega 500GB Select Portable Hard Drive is perfect, even better with £5 off as a Dunc's Deal reader - click here!

During July we had our range of Asus AMD Self-Build PC Bundles on and you ate them up - not literally, the heatsink would get stuck in your teeth - but you liked them enough to clear us out! We've got both the Ultimate and Performance bundles back in stock as of this week and the Performance bundle has been pimped up with a better Processor and Memory. Not only that, but we have managed to secure a Case & PSU for a giveaway linked to the bundles. During August, anyone who buys one of the bundles goes into the draw to win a Corsair Professional Series HX750W PSU worth over £110 and a Thermaltake Aguila VD1000BNS Mid Tower ATX Case worth over £60! Nice!

Last month we did a giveaway on the same set of products and the winner was Mr MacDonald from the Isle of Lewis who scooped the XFX 850W Black Edition PSU worth over £120! Congratulations!

Never fear loyal Intel customers - there are a set of ASUS Intel Bundles coming into dabs next week. We are covering all bases again with Entry and Performance options plus an Ultimate Bundle; which packs a Core i7-930!


Well regardless, I'll be back next week with more exclusives, more giveaways and more product chat! Next week I will be discussing an XFX 5770 CrossFire Bundle we are getting in for you - which will ship with Dirt2 and a £10 Voucher for a Blu-Ray on DabsPlay. Not only that but I hope to have a product video ready- don't worry though if I'm busy I have a cardboard cut-out in the office that can stand in for really marketing have had one made - I am pretty much redundant now. See me/him/it here.

That's me done, have a great weekend - mourn the canning of Google Wave; ok done - and make sure you check out the recommended Dunc's Deals below, get in touch via Speak to Dunc or email directly.

PS - if you get this far, you win a prize - first 50 people to email me or use Speak To Dunc to give a comment about this blog can have a free download of Stormrise or Stalker: Call Of Pripyat!* Simples!

*While they last!

Update #3: July 30th 2010


Anyone else as surprised as me that it's Friday already?! Don't get me wrong I couldn't be happier, after all the weekend starts at 5PM with the Wonder Years on Radio 1, but I actually have no idea where this week went! One thing I do know is that a fair bit of it was spent responding to emails from you guys - so thank you for all your emails and comments!

Another part of the week has been spent keeping up on random bits of news, on the IT front TechRadar's update on Android 3.0 is well worth a read but as a HTC Hero owner I'm still waiting for 2.2. In random news apparently Tokyo's 'oldest man' had been dead for 30 years (did no one think to ask him?) and it doesn't matter what you drive you will still get clamped, see the £1.2m Koenigsegg CCXR that got caught outside Harrods this week!

The "Shamone" reference above isn't actually as random as you might think, it is another musical reference, as all updates have had so far, but it is for once product related. Earlier this week Little Miss Bossy aka Debs, our Components and storage buyer for those in the know, took some fresh stock of the Samsung 500GB Michael Jackson Portable Hard Drive and you lot went crazy, clearing us out in less than a day! 500GB of Portable Storage under £40 is pretty groundbreaking and judging by the sales this week you all agree it's not to be sneezed at - so guess what? We got you some more!


Last week I included the first Dunc's Deals video clip - of the Asus ARES Radeon 5870 X2 4GB Graphics Card - and as mentioned in that update we do plan on doing more of these and sure enough we have. I also promised to write a script and have a shave for the next one - one out of three isn't bad.

Below you will see an Unboxing and quick overview video of the new LG Network Attached Storage Unit N1T1 that is available here at dabs for a new low price of £129.99 - not only that but I've worked my magic with LG to get a Free LG Electronics 32" 32LD450 HD 1080p LCD TV with built in freeview Worth Over £300 to giveaway! To stand a chance of winning just buy the N1T1 between now and August 22nd and I'll enter you into the draw.

Thanks for all your comments on the last video as well as the emails you've been sending in. To make it even easier, Sam from the Marketing Team - who made a cameo in the Asus ARES video - has kindly made a nice and simple form for you to fill in that will automatically send your thoughts straight to me! Whether you've got a comment, complaint, price-match, product request - in fact anything at all - fill in this quick and easy form to Speak to Dunc!

This week Sky finally confirmed that their 3D channel launches in October, I'd be interested to find out if any of you are planning to buy a new TV to take advantage of the service? Get In Touch!

The Pre-Order announcement last week seemed to go down well with most of you so here is another courtesy of Corsair. The 600T Graphite Series Mid-Tower Gaming Case is now available at for pre-order before its early August release. Ensure you get one the moment they land by placing your order today. Look out for a Dunc's Deal video on the product the moment I get my hands on one!


It wouldn't be right if Dunc's Deals didn't include some actual deals again this week! The Corsair 120GB SSD from last week continues to sell well as does the LG 1TB NAS with BluRay - remember take advantage as these prices are while stocks last.

After you've bought the aforementioned 500GB Jacko Drive to enjoy your media on the go, pick up this freshly landed Buffalo MiniStation Lite 320GB deal - less than £40 for a slim and stylish portable hard drive; perfect for school, college, university or work! Some of the Brand New Seagate GoFlex range just landed in stock too - take a look now.

For those of you for whom bragging rights mean everything - the Republic of Gamers Rampage III Extreme Motherboard is back in stock - get involved!

Feel the Power! For one week only we have a special price on the popular Corsair 650Watt TX Series PSU - now only £64.98, down from £82! Don't miss out!

This week I've also been working with Fletch - our Zambian Mr-T - and buyer of all things Memory! I mentioned to him this inclusion in Dunc's Deals and all he had to say was "I PITY THE FOOL WHO DON'T BUY MY HYPER-X DEALS!" Need I say more? Check out or brand new Kingston Hyper-X Deal Page - quit yo jibba jabba!

Last week I also gave you a heads-up on the NVIDIA GTX 460 Guru3D review showing the new cards significantly outperforming ATI on the new Starcraft II game which is out now. As promised, NVIDIA have launched a FREE TRIAL of Starcraft II - if you want one just check out thelanding page to see which graphics card purchases are included. I can't recommend the 460's enough.


Before I go I have to mention a few of manufacturers who've made the effort to visit sunny Bolton this week! Visitors to the office include Gavin from XFX, Mike from Asus, Camille from LaCie and Mark from Intel. Lots to talk about - too much for here - but rest assured there is a lot coming! Crossfire, Intel Self-Build Bundles (check out our AMD range - fresh stocks due this coming week) and new storage products from LaCie; stay tuned.

That's it for another week! Have a good weekend, check out more of the recommended Dunc's Deals below, get in touch via Speak to Dunc or email directly. And if you aren't one of the 6 million people who have, ensure you watch the Greatest Goal Celebration Ever - its 7 footballers catching a fish and photographing it, no really!

Update #2: July 23rd 2010

"Waka Waka Eh, Eh!"

No I've not become obsessed with the Columbian songstress, nor am I making any more World Cup references; it's just been in my head all week after our colleague Naeem's Stag Do in Alicante at the weekend! The weekend isn't the reason this weeks update is a little later...honestly.

Last week served as a nice introduction to me and the concept of this feature, this week let's get right into the news, deals and randomness that has struck a chord with me and the dabs team. This week you even get a video - two actually - unfortunately one of them is just me.

It's Friday Morning (23/07) so its Friday Breakfast for the team courtesy of our local Chuck Wagon. I've just polished off a Bacon, Sausage and Egg barm with Tommy K (tomato sauce for those not in the know) so I am happily one down on route to my five a day.*

Since last week's update I've had plenty of emails in after I told you to send your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for to me. I've replied to everyone, and those that brought something new and refreshing to the table have been rewarded with some form of freebie! No one made me laugh though, shame on you! Please keep the comments coming in, I want your feedback! In fact anyone who drops me an email over the weekend relating to anything in this update goes into a draw to win a random product from our prize pot - simples.


Regular visitors to dabs will have spotted the Asus ARES Radeon 5870 X2 4GB Graphics Card rolled into stock last week and proudly sits as the top Radeon product in our Graphics Category - when ranked by Price High-Low! Asus kindly sent in a review sample of the ARES and, once again, after much pressure and coercion by our marketing team, I agreed to film an un-boxing video at my desk. As promised last week, here it is in all its (raw and unpolished) glory! Thanks to Asus and of course the dabs marketing team for their help - Matt, Sam and Michelle. We intend to do more of these over the coming weeks so we aim to get better - especially me - I think I should perhaps write a script and have a shave next time!

Assuming you made it through the 4.43 above and are tempted by the ARES, head over to the product page to invest in one today! If you do, make sure you keep it clean and free from Serbian donkey milk by seeing if this guy will clean it for you between events!

We've just had word today as I'm writing this that the recently announced CoolIT System ECO ALC 240mm Liquid Cooling will be available at dabs soon! I've just got it ready for pre-orders for you now - it "takes liquid cooling to another level."


This week we've had a batch of new deals through the door that I have to mention so that Debs (our Components & Storage buyer) and all round Little Miss Bossy doesn't give me earache!

First up lets talk storage - we landed the Corsair Memory 120GB 2.5" Reactor Series Solid State Drive at a fantastic new price, it's now under £175 from a price of over £215! We also managed to bag another set of Seagate 1TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drives to keep your price under £60! We know that the price of 2TB Internal HDDs has been eroded lately and you guys have been filling your boots - keep it up as we have fantastic offers on WD, Hitachi and Samsung.

Before I move off Storage - you guys are killing me on NAS! I love it! The LG NAS with BluRay deals we brought you last week have been flying out of the warehouse, the 2TB are completely gone and the free BluRay disc bundle on the 1TB model has been really popular! We will work on bringing you fresh NAS deals over the coming week, in the meantime ensure you check out the Netgear Stora with the free 500GB Hard Drive via claim form and the Synology DS210J which is packed with features.

You've clearly been loving the NVIDIA GTX 460 which we discussed last week; not only have the reviews been incredible online but sales have backed them up! I'd love to think that it's all down to us having stock at fantastic prices, but I'm sure the items such as the Guru3D review shows the new cards significantly outperforming ATI on the new Starcraft II title which is out next week. On that note, NVIDIA just signed off a Starcraft II trial voucher giveaway starting next week at dabs for anyone who buys a GT240 or above, keep checking back for that, "Starcraft II is coming! Arm yourself with an NVIDIA GeForceGTX 460!"


That's it for today, enjoy your weekend - if you've no plans tomorrow why not get involved in Life In A Day and take part in a global historic event with Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald. Its not often you can say that!

Check out the deals below, and if anyone has got down here and wonders why there was a Newport South Wales mention up top, its because of the genius video that hit the net yesterday that if you haven't seen it yet will have you in stitches! It's homage to the Jay-Z & Alicia Keys record "Empire State of Mind" - only in Newport - watch it now! Did you know Josie D'Arby was from Newport? Me either...

*Dunc's advice is not to be taken as a literal healthy living guide.


Update #1: July 16th 2010

" it me you're looking for?"

Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me, sadly he isn't me - nor would he ever want to be me - in fact are there any ladies actually reading this?! Not making sense? Watch!*

I've been under pressure, mainly from our Marketing Team (hey Mike, Michelle, Sam, Matt & Caroline) here at Dabs to write my first "Dunc's Deals" update for the past few days. Pressure is a bit strong, its been more gentle coercion but to be fair I don't do well under the cosh - like Wayne Rooney in the South African heat - I don't show up. After some thought I reckon I've got enough to ramble about, first off who am I and why are you here?

I'm the Product Manager at for all Components & Storage, so when you think Dabs, think Dunc. The idea is that on this page I'll talk to YOU about the latest kit we've seen or heard about, when I've seen a manufacturer and new products YOU will be the first to know - photos/video/reviews/competitions/freebies/deals - they will ALL be here. As I'm the Product Manager I make the decisions around brands and range for dabs - I won't always get it right though and I want you to be able to contact me to tell me if you'd like to see something available here; a product, a solution, a price, a feature? If you've got ideas EMAIL ME! I'll read every one and try to reply to them all too, you never know - an idea might just win you a cool prize!

What's going on this week? The long awaited and HUGELY anticipated NVIDIA GTX 460 landed at dabs, we've got the 768MB versions as well as the 1GB, both of which are getting rave reviews across the web but the 1GB especially; we had NVIDIA in the office yesterday reporting Overclocks on these chips at over 900MHz! Speaking of NVIDIA we just launched the Just Cause 2 Promo on the GTX 480, 470 and 465 range this week, nice Brucie Bonus with your Graphics Card.

Before I go I have to mention the hot Internal and External Hard Drive deals we have in stock as well as the new Corsair Force Series SSDs - 60GB from under £140! If I don't Debs, our Components & Storage buyer, will more than likely cause me serious injury.

Thats it for update one, introductions done, its all about products now! I'm off to play with the Asus ARES 4GB 5870 X2 that just arrived - check the picture that we posted yesterday on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully we'll get this on an RSS feed soon so I can call you but in the meantime bookmark me and check back in the next few days for more deals, products and promotions on Dunc's Deals.

I'm on a horse - and I will be until I write my next update which will feature some photos and video of the Asus ARES 4GB 5870 X2 being generally messed around with as well as more deals - anyone fancy a Core i7 bundle?

PS anyone else excited about Mafia 2 on a GTX 460 with full PhysX effects? If you are email me and tell me why, the one that makes me laugh the hardest before my next update wins a Free Download of Battlefield Bad Company 2.

*All the Old Spice references are thanks to the genius viral ad campaign that has had everyone in Dabs hooked for weeks; thanks Sam! Go invest in some Old Spice for your man, it's the future.


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