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Hitachi Internal Storage

Hitachil Hard Drives

Hitachi advanced disk drive technologies deliver performance, reliability and security across a wide portfolio. Whether for desktops, laptops, video recorders, closed circuit TV applications, online transaction processing, PC gaming machines, Enterprise Servers or disk-to-disk backup and recovery, our technology ensures that Hitachi drives meet and exceed the highest expectations

The Hard Drive by Hitachi icon is a powerful endorsement that will reassure you as consumers that you are buying a quality product.

No two jobs are the same. In your line of business, you have requirements that range from triedand-tested computing environments to emerging applications. Hitachi are here to help you meet those requirements. That's why they provide the broadest hard disk drive product line available today. A drive solution for every eventuality means you can choose from a full range of high-performance products -- from 2.5-inch mobile Travelstarâ„¢ family to 3.5-inch Ultrastarâ„¢ enterprise drives with up to 1TB (terabyte) capacity.

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