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KFA2 Graphics Cards - Play Hard, Game Harder

KFA2 Graphics Cards

KFA2 Graphics Cards - Play Hard, Game Harder!

KFA2 is the European premium brand of Galaxy, nothing to hide, proud to be a part of it. Their aim is to be the extreme version of the already well established, tried and tested manufacturing facility that for over 16 years has produced cards for a number of graphics companies and now has its own brand.

KFA2 exists for 2 main reasons:

1. To bring the best quality and performing products to market

2. KFA2 is going to "Kick Friggin Ass" and take names later!

KFA2 are a sole European focused brand, providing European based support, warehousing and RMA facilities. A primary goal is to provide products based upon two key elements "Performance and Quality" with peace of mind, knowing that all support related services are located within Europe.

Why are they different?

> They produce and manufacture their own Graphics Cards
> They only use non-reference fans and non-reference PCBs
> They Overclock products as standard offering
> They are a European only brand
> They have European Support Facilities
> They are backed by GALAXY who have been established since 1994. aim to be a partner of choice for KFA2 in the UK and assist YOU in getting the best products, at the best prices with great service!

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