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Multimedia Drives


In todays multimedia world you want to be able to enjoy the convenience of watching digital files on your home theatre or TV with or without being connected to the computer. Our range of Multimedia Drives offer cost-effective, high definition multimedia streaming, some with storage built in. Whether you want to house your collection of photos, videos, and music files on your PC and stream via the network or have them streaming via a unit with a hard drive built in we have the solutions for you.

The size of your media library will determine the amount of storage you require, below is a rough guide to help you calculate the amount of space you need.

Capacity Number of Songs*Number of Photos*Hours of Video*Hours of HD Video*
320 GB80,000128,00012339
500 GB125,000200,00019360
640 GB160,000256,00024670
750 GB187,500300,00028990
1.0 TB250,000400,000385120
1.5 TB375,000600,000578180
2.0 TB500,000800,000770240
4.0 TB1,000,0001,600,0001,540480

*Contents refers to number of songs, photos, or hours of video. Contents are calculated as follows – Songs (MP3): 128 kbps bit rate using 11:1 compression ratio, 4 min/song; Digital Photos: 2.5MB per JPG photo using a 6 mega pixel camera; DVD Video:5.5 Mb/s (2.597 GB/hr) data rate; HD Video: 8.3 GB/hr recording rate for 720p or 1080i output. These examples are for illustrative purposes only. Results will vary based on file size and format, settings, features, software and other factors. One gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes. One terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes.

Multimedia Drives With Built In Storage

Multimedia Drives That Require External Storage Or Media On The Network


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