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Netgear Stora

Netgear Stora

Netgear Stora

Stora makes home storage as simple as ABC!

Access your digital media and important files from anywhere with an Internet connection.
Backup important files to a secure location and protect against hard disk failure.
Centralise your videos, music and photos, and play them through range of devices.

Stora lets you enjoy your home media content even when you're not at home.**

The NETGEAR Stora stores your music, videos, photos and files on your own network, independent from a corporate service. It's built for first-time storage users and makes sharing simple.

  • Access your own content from anywhere: it's easier than ever before!
  • Share pictures directly with friends or automatically upload them into your Facebook account
  • Backup Mac and PC systems to a safe location
  • Play content on a TV (through a DLNA-connected device like Xbox360, PlayStation, PS3, digital media player, iTunes client and even compatible TVs)
  • Manage your media with a fast, easy-to-use browser interface
  • Optionally mirror Stora content onto a second disk drive with no tools or waiting

Watch a movie at the airport. Play your music collection in your hotel room. Upload your pictures from the beach, then share them with your friends. Automatically upload whole albums to Facebook. Download an important document. Stora puts it all in your own hands!

Stora Premium Services add an amazing array of additional accessibility options! Try Stora Premium for 30 days, then for a simple $19.99 yearly subscription, your Stora offers the following extra features and more!

  • Mobile access - Have the ability to show off your precious holiday memories from your iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phone and many more!
  • Website integration - Automatically upload pictures into Flickr. Use RSS to feed albums to a remote photo frame or keep your friends updated with your latest holiday photos.
  • Cooliris Integration - View photos and media on the Cooliris 3D flying wall or display slideshows with ultra smooth animations and transitions.
  • Additional users - Unlock the Stora experience to your entire family and even your friends. Add more than three user accounts for the utmost in flexibility.
  • Automatic upgrades - Upgrades for all new premium features during the subscription period.

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*A free 30-day trial of premium services is included; thereafter an annual charge of $19.99 is applicable. Premium services include: support for Flickr, Cooliris, RSS feeds, unlimited user accounts, secure FTP, enhanced remote access for iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones and future premium feature upgrades.
**Internet connection and a PC or Mac required. Mobile phones require premium services.


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