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NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 520: See The Difference GPU Acceleration Can Make

Nvidia GeForce Card

Bring Your Passion To Life, Online! See The Difference GPU Acceleration Can Make

Take your PC web experience to the next level with the GeForce GT 520 GPU. Explore and interact with your favorite sites like never before. Stream 1080p online video from YouTube, Hulu, or your favorite sports site with seamless, stutter-free performance. And share your favorite photos and videos online with GPU-accelerated browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.

The GeForce 520 also enhances the viewing experience for immersive Blu-ray 3D movies. Plus, it enables fast video editing and instant high-res photo rendering. Want more exciting gaming? Get a GeForce GT 520 and enjoy all your favorite DirectX 11 games with hyper-realistic characters and highly detailed gaming environments.

See NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 Graphics Cards In Action

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