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OCZ Vertex 450 Series Solid State Drives

OCZ Vertex 450 Series Solid State Drives

OCZ Vertex 450 Series SSDs: Storage Designed for Today's Multimedia, Multitasking World

Get to know next-generation storage at its finest. Using the latest 20nm NAND flash process, OCZ Vertex 450 SSDs deliver performance and reliability designed to empower your laptop or desktop to be faster and more responsive.

Engineered by longtime SSD experts, the OCZ Vertex 450 Series delivers the performance, productivity, and energy efficiency missing from your current system. Clear your life of computer lag, and get a computing experience worthy of your time.

If you want lasting reliability, durability, and stealth operation, here it is.

With revolutionary SSD quality and technology in every drive, the Vertex 450 Series is built to provide years of hard drive-humiliating performance.

Proving storage can -- and should -- do more than store.

Vertex 450 SSDs dramatically accelerate gaming, content creation, and multimedia applications, while driving an improved overall computing experience. Imagine faster file transfers, quicker boot ups, and system responsiveness that makes you wonder why you stuck with that hard drive for so long. Get to know next-generation storage at its finest.

Product Highlights

> Cutting-edge controller technology delivers maximum performance and superior endurance without compression or loss of usable capacity
> Advanced suite of NAND flash management keeps your drive at higher sustained performance over the long term
> Designed for ultimate reliability with in-house technology and high quality components
> Excels in both incompressible and compressible data types such as multimedia, encrypted data,. ZIP files and software
> Bundled with a 3.5-inch desktop adapter bracket and Acronis® True Image™ cloning software with Windows® 8 support to easily transfer data from your old hard drive
> Sleek alloy housing offers slimmer 7mm z-height for compatibility with the latest thinner form factor notebooks

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Storage Designed for Today’s Multimedia, Multitasking World!




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