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The New AMD Athlon X4 Quad Core Processors


The New AMD Athlon X4 Quad Core Processors ATi

Do more of the things you want to in less time and enhance your digital life with the multi-core performance and energy efficiency of AMD Athlon™ II processor-based desktop systems. Combined with superior ATI Radeon™ HD graphics technology, systems based on the AMD Athlon™ II processor deliver a vivid visual experience, superior multi-tasking, and exceptional digital media performance with next-generation energy efficiency.

Exceptional Performance

  • Take advantage of true multi-core performance and true multitasking capability
  • Get a PC experience optimised to deliver the benefits of the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system
  • Convert music, HD video, and other media fast
  • Manage all your home media files and run the software you need to create, share, and enjoy your media


  • Take advantage of energy efficiency you'll feel good about for a green, cool, and quiet PC experience
  • Save energy, get the most out of your budget, and help reduce heat and noise to reduce the environmental impact of your PC
  • Enjoy performance on demand when you need it and power savings when you don't using next-generation
  • AMD desktop power management technologies
  • Get improvements over previous-generation AMD Athlon™ II processors: slash your power consumption by up to 50% when doing basic tasks, 40% when running heavy load, and 50% when idle
  • Helps enable Energy Star® compliance with idle-power improvements such as low core voltages and enhanced cache power management

Product Features

  • True Multi-Core Processing - The extensive AMD64 architectural optimizations and features enable thorough integration of multiple cores within the same processor, with each core having its own L1 and L2 caches.
  • AMD Dedicated Multi-Cache - Each core has its own dedicated L2 cache, which enables simultaneous independent core access to L2 cache, eliminating the need for cores to arbitrate for cache access. This helps reduce latency on L2 cache accesses.
  • AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Technology - Silicon feature-set enhancements designed to improve the performance, reliability, and security of both existing and future virtualization environments.
  • AMD PowerNow!™ 3.0 Technology - The latest power management technologies that deliver performance on demand when you need it, and power savings when you don't.
  • HyperTransport™ 3.0 Technology - Third-generation HyperTransport™ technology interface improves performance, supporting transfer speeds up to 4.4GT/s.
  • Simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit Computing - AMD64 technology enables a breakthrough approach to 64-bit computing that doubles the number of registers in the processor and allows PC users to use today's 32-bit software applications while enabling them to also use the next generation of 64-bit applications.

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