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Olympus Smart VR-340 Camera



The Olympus Smart V Series: Keep everything as simple as possible: that's the philosophy of SMART. Taking great pictures without any hassle, using every bit of Olympus' experience and expertise to their advantage, these colourful compact beauties might be technical masterpieces on the inside, but on the outside they are just incredibly fun to use - and product great pictures, even if you do nothing more than hold them up and fire away. It's about concentrating on life more than on taking pictures: just click and SMART does the rest. The hard part is down to you: choosing a colour might prove tricky, as they all look the business...

Be SMART and Enjoy!

10x Super Wide Optical Zoom
A 10x Super Wide Optical Zoom that gets you dramatically close to the action. The 24mm wide-angle lens lets you capture anything, from breathtaking landscapes to indoor group shots.

16 Megapixel High-Resolution Sensor
For high-quality full-size movies, stills and prints

Dual Image Stabilisation
Dual Image Stabilisation combines Sensor-Shift Image Stabilisation with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds, so you can capture crisp, clear images, even if the subject is moving.

Magic Filter for Stills and Movies
Add style to stills and movies with Punk, Pop Art, Pinhole, Drawing, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Watercolour, Sparkle and Reflection.

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