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Wacom Bamboo

Whether you want to work on a desktop, laptop, portable pc or mobile smartphone, the Wacom Bamboo range offers the simplicity and immediacy of touch technology combined with the precision and craftsmanship of digital pen technology.

When was the last time you looked forward to working with your computer?
With the new Bamboo by Wacom you will enjoy a more natural, expressive and easier way to work with your PC or Mac.

Get started with the power of pen technology – and add your own personal touch. The latest generation of Bamboo Pen lets you enjoy unlimited expression as you personalise everything you do – add handwritten notes, sketches or doodles on emails, letters and greeting- cards. Annotate live during your presentations to highlight important content and make sure you get your point across to everyone, every time. The Bamboo Pen tablet is your ultimate digital tool with a full version of ArtRage 2.6 software included .

Step into a world of diverse digital expression with the new generation of Bamboo Pen & Touch. The striking black and lime colour tablet design will be an ultra cool addition to your creative tool and it's easier to use than ever. Wireless capabilities are the latest addition to your pen and touch tablet, so lie back on a sunny park bench while you shop or game online; organise and flick through your holiday pics from the comfort of a cafe or post sketches on facebook while you wait for your ride home. It's all about getting connected – to your computer, to your mates, to your cool and inspirational side

Meet your favourite creative companion – sleek, fun and sensationally intuitive. The new Bamboo Fun tablet, with pen and touch functionality, lets you tweet with style, share with flair and turn happy snapshots into photographic masterpieces. It's fast, flexible and so much fun for personal creativity. Styled in silver it comes in two sizes – small and medium - both smart, inspiring and easy to use

Take the tablet wherever you go and use it wirelessly with the accessory kit. Turn your Mac or PC into the ultimate tool for creativity by adding your personal touch to everything you do. Retouch and manage your profile pics and add funky effects to them with the full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 or 10 (Small or Medium tablet version) that is included. Sketch, doodle and paint with the real pen-on-paper feeling with ArtRage 3 or Corel Painter Essentials (comes only with Fun Medium) software which also comes free with Bamboo Fun.