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Tablets are proving extremely popular at the moment with some of the world's biggest brands releasing their ranges of this exciting new product. A tablet PC gives the user many of the features that a traditional laptop does along with a whole host of additional features which make it convenient, portable and fun to use.
The first thing that you'll notice about a tablet PC is that they have no physical keyboard. Instead an on-screen keyboard is used to input text much in the same way as the iPhone and other smartphones work these days. Whilst this is far from ideal if you're looking to write a novel that's not really what tablets are for and you'll find that you'll soon get used to using the on screen keyboard.
The area in which tablets really excel is that they're 'instant-on' meaning that there's no waiting for them to boot up. This makes them perfect for web browsing, checking your email, updating your online status and answering those "what was she in" questions whilst watching TV. A tablet PC sits perfectly on your coffee table and is always there when you need to get online, fast.
Another fantastic feature of tablet PCs is the wealth of tablet specific applications available for them. Commonly known as apps, these applications let you expand the capabilities of your device and make full use of the touchscreen capability. Whatever platform your tablet is running there are hundreds of applications to choose from across many categories, ranging from productivity apps such as email and task lists to the more fun applications such as games and shopping apps. Some of the more impressive apps allow you to control Sonos players or even allow you to view your movie collection on your tablet, view trailers and then have the film played on your TV.

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