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Media Players - Windows Media Centre

Windows Media Centre
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Imagine an HD TV that you can watch, pause and record at the touch of button without a costly monthly fee. A system that lets you watch DVDs, listen to your tunes, show off your photos, and enjoy online shows, all in one place from one machine. Is it any wonder that it's often referred to as the hidden gem of Windows?

Watch and record high-def TV and movies

With Windows Media Centre and a TV tuner, you can watch, pause, and record live TV - even High Def TV for free. You can record a live TV show, schedule a recording in advance, or even set Media Centre to automatically record new episodes of your favourite TV series right to your PC. **

Watch what you want, where you want

Windows Media Center gives you access to tons of great entertainment and you can share that media with any PC running Windows 7 in your house. So, if you've recorded a TV show on the PC in your living room, you can watch it on the PC in the kids room or even on your laptop in the garden!. If you have an Xbox 360, you can easily use it to view recorded TV or video and photos you have stored on your PC to another TV in the house. The XBox becomes more than just a console.

Internet TV is a new feature in Windows Media Center that delivers a variety of great shows from primetime dramas to news and video podcasts. All over a broadband Internet connection to your PC, for free with no TV tuner required. *

*High-speed Internet required. Internet service fees may apply. **TV tuner required, HD tuner required for HD content. Media Centre included free with Windows 7 Home Premium and above.

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