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Get ready for the Digital Switchover with a new TV
Most new TVs include a built-in freeview digital tuner as standard, giving you instant access to a great selection of the digital channels as soon as you switch it on (subject to coverage). They offer a sharper picture than the traditional CRT based TVs too - displaying a greater number of "lines" which make up the image. Plus many are "high definition", so you can watch high def Blu-ray movies via either a Blu-ray DVD player, or via a HD TV subscription service.

You may also want to consider upgrading your aerial to get a good digital TV signal by investing in an aerial booster - see below for details.

Small TVs ideal for the kitchen or bedroom

If like many people you've already replaced your "main" TV - probably the one in your living room - perhaps you now just need to get the TVs in bedrooms, kitchens or playrooms ready for the switchover.

Smaller screen TVs are ideal for these rooms. They don't take up much space, are really great value for money and many models even have an in-built DVD player making them even more practical.

Click the links below to browse our full range of smaller screen TVs:

19 Inch TVs
20 Inch TVs
22 Inch TVs
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Large TVs perfect for your living room

If you need a larger TV, then our range has lots to choose from.

23 Inch TVs
24 Inch TVs
26 to 32 Inch TVs
37 to 42 Inch TVs
46 to 52 Inch TVs
55 Inch + TVs
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Aerial boosters - If your TV is equipped to receive digital channels already but your reception isn't great, you may need an aerial booster to get all the channels available. Click for detailsIf you already have digital-enabled TV (perhaps on the main TV in your house), you can "send" the signal to other TVs in the house wirlessly using a video sender. Click for more details.
In weak signal areas, you may need an aerial booster to receive all the new digital TV channels (subject to coverage), even if the picture you get at the moment looks okay.

This might apply if your 2nd TV is in the bedroom or kitchen and not connected to your main aerial, but uses a "set top" aerial instead.
If your main TV is already set up to receive digital TV, you can "send" the signal to other TV sets in the house (like your bedroom or kitchen) by using a video sender.

This is a great way to "share" your subscription services throughout the house without having to purchase additional Freeview boxes for each TV. However, viewers of TVs in other rooms will need to watch the same channel and programme that's showing on the main TV

When will my area switch to the digital signal?
Depending on how many "transmitter groups" there are in a particular region, there may be more than one switchover date. Exact switchover dates haven't been confirmed yet for all regions, however some areas are due to switch very soon indeed (if they haven't done so already) as shown in pink on the map opposite. To find out the exact switchover date for your postcode, click here to visit the official Digital UK website now.

Click here to go to the main Digital Switchover page.