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More than an ordinary tablet.

Get the power of a PC with the fun of a tablet
• Get started with great apps built-in – Skype, Bing, Xbox. Download more from the Windows Store
• Share your tablet with family while keeping your stuff separate with multiple user accounts
• Work with your favorite Office* apps – like Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote – on the go
• Easily connect to your printers, cameras, USB devices, and more
• Store your photos and files – and access them from anywhere – with built-in SkyDrive

Everyday value. Non-stop reliability.

• Best combination of style, function, mobility and price
• Stay entertained with Xbox music, video and rich, immersive games
• Get great apps built-in – Skype, Bing, Xbox; download more from the Windows Store
• Works with printers, devices, and software you already have
• Windows security and privacy help protect your personal data from being seen, stolen, or sold
• Full web experience along with familiar and reliable programs including Office*
*Office may be sold separately

Full PC power. Total tablet fun.

• PC and tablet together – the one device perfect at the office desk,on the couch,
in the kitchen, and on the plane
• Touch, click, or type – choose what you like and what fits your activity
• Lean in to write a book report or lean back to swipe through the yearbook
• Take, edit and send photos on the go, or edit and share later from the desktop
• Choose keyboard or touch to work with your favorite Office* apps
Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote
• Tap into awesome mobile apps and run your existing PC software
*Office may be sold separately


It’s a desktop that houses everything inside the same piece of hardware as the monitor. Mobile all-in-ones have a battery, can detach from a base/stand for mobile use and can rotate to lie flat.

With the new Windows, you can do more. You have more entertainment, more games, more ways to get stuff done, more ways to search, browse, and connect with the people you care about. You can entertain with Xbox, connect with Skype, work with the full power of Office*, and search for something while browsing the web or finding your next favourite app in the Windows Store. And you can make Windows uniquely yours by personalising your Start screen with Live Tiles, your own photos and the people, apps and sites that matter most.
*Office sold separately

The new Windows delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that’s in sync with the way you live.
• Have more fun, get more done
Windows brings together everything you do – wherever you are, wherever you go.
• Great devices become uniquely yours
Your Windows device is an extension of you. There are more ways to create an experience
that’s personal, expressive, and keeps pace with your life.
• Everything works, everywhere
Windows takes care of the essentials so you can stay confident and focused on what matters

Better personalisation

Pick the perfect device, customise the experience the way you want, and install the apps you love.
• Windows devices give you the latest hardware innovations in a wide range of form factors,
screen sizes, and performance, so you’re sure to find a perfect match
• Your Start screen has more tiles sizes (small, med, large, and wide), background designs,
and colours than ever before.
• Setup and enjoy a beautiful photo slideshow on Lock screen
• Choose whether to boot directly to the desktop or the Start screen

New and improved apps

These built-in first-party apps cover the basics and more, so -- right from the start -- you can get more done, have more fun, and make lots of great discoveries and connections.
• With Internet Explorer 11, you can enjoy a fast, fluid experience on the only browser
optimized for touch.
• Improved People, Photos, Mail, Calendar, and Skype apps keep you closer to the people
and events in your life
• New Xbox Music app gives you millions of songs to discover, stream, and download or simply
import your existing library or iTunes songs and start enjoying.

Better SkyDrive integration

Access your files and settings from virtually anywhere.
• Make SkyDrive your default save location in PC settings for your documents and photos.
• Sync your SkyDrive files with the local device for offline access when you need them.
• More of your favorite settings like your Start screen and apps now sync across your devices.

Be your most productive and creative

Power up Office* for big projects or simply capture an important to-do list in OneNote and share it via SkyDrive to keep things moving forward.
Collaborate with Office 365* and get access to the same Office tools you rely on, plus
new features that are ideal for sharing and syncing with others.
Multi-task easily across apps and sites, with up to four windows open side-by-side at the
same time.
*Available for purchase

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