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Asus Vulcan Pro Republic of Gamers - Gaming Headset



Quicklinx: 886LWS00
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Asus Vulcan Pro Republic of Gamers - Gaming Headset


The Republic of Gamers is committed to helping you win more through superior audio power, precise positioning, and lifelike immersion - the perfect aids for those critical online shooter moments. Opposing snipers hide in the dark, taking advantage of cover to keep you suppressed? It's time to get your team on the offensive with powerful and precise battleground audio intelligence - thanks to advanced Xonar sound hardware. No more confusion or uncertainty. Clear audio turns you into a virtual online gaming general, and paves the way to victory.

Focus to win with the world's only active noise cancellation for gaming and the driver-free ROG Spitfire USB audio processor

  • Exclusive ROG Spitfire USB audio processor - driver-free hardware DSP (digital signal processor)
  • 7.1 virtual surround, headphone amplifier, and FPS EQ one-click gaming sound enhancement modes
  • World's only active noise cancellation created specifically for gaming reduces 85% low frequency noise, especially from PC components
  • 30dB passive noise cancellation of high frequency environmental noise and human voice
  • Neodymium magnet drivers deliver crystal-clear directional audio detail
  • Ultra-soft cushions made from memory foam and breathable Japanese protein leather for long-lasting comfort

Superior audio detection and positioning make gamers equipped with ROG audio gear true champions. Developed using real life insight from full-time players and refined by the expertise of the Xonar team, the ultimate goal here is to help you win! Built for the most dedicated gamers, ROG audio products are committed to win-boosting features, from clear communications to precision detection that amplifies every footstep taken by opponents. No more sneaking around or getting stealth-flanked!

Focus to Win
ROG Vulcan PRO was forged to follow the path set by ROG Vulcan ANC. Retaining advanced active noise cancellation technology specifically designed to eliminate low frequency computer fan noise, high frequency environmental noise, and human voice from external sources, the ROG team researched and created Vulcan PRO with the exclusive ROG Spitfire USB audio processor. It allows gamers to experience precise audio positioning and enhanced surround with no driver install needed, perfect for LAN parties.

ROG Spitfire USB Audio Processor - Powerful Driver-Free Hardware DSP
Uncompromising mobility and immersive in-game audio
ROG Vulcan PRO adds the ROG Spitfire USB audio processor, which works at the hardware level and requires no driver install. Its design contributes to quicker setup in gaming events, and complies with the most professional venues, which prohibit the installation of additional drivers. The ROG Spitfire deploys the powerful hardware digital signal processor to offer such driver-free convenience, especially perfect for LAN parties.
The ROG Spitfire provides gamers with easy-reach access to game-enhancing sound technologies: FPS EQ for better audio positioning in first person shooters, 7.1 virtual surround, and headphone amplifier. Each has a dedicated one-click on/off button, with no need to enter any software interface.

Block disruption perfectly with advanced dual noise technologies
Noise ranks as one of the leading issues for pro gamers, often causing distractions and leading to the wrong decisions - which in turn lower win ratios. The ROG Vulcan PRO features brushed metal headphone side covers that offer a new style as well as better strength. It offers gamers active and passive noise cancellation technologies, meticulously designed by ROG engineers to ensure better gaming success and immersion.

World's only active noise cancellation for gamers
Active noise cancellation (ANC) technology detects ambient noise and projects reverse sound waves to cancel it out. Vulcan PRO, featuring the world's only ANC technology created specifically for gaming, filters low frequency emitters such as PC fans, with up to 85% of noise blocked.

30dB passive noise cancellation
Vulcan PRO features passive noise cancellation to isolate up to 30dB of high frequency disruptions such as environmental noise and human voice, two of the main noisemakers in gaming events. Even tiny noises may mask crucial sound details, so make sure your gaming gear helps you fully immerse in gameplay and catch every sonic clue to make the right call.

Precise Positioning Audio
The curve below shows the headphone`s capability to reproduce a range of frequencies and the volume it produces in each frequency. Vulcan PRO offers much more balanced, clearer high and bass, making footsteps and other effective sound clues stand out even more!

Top notch neodymium magnet driver units
ROG designers carefully chose large high quality 40mm neodymium drivers fine-tuned and tested by actual gamers. They provide supreme clarity, thundering bass, and extreme low distortion. Powerful and dynamic audio makes the virtual battlefield so real, every action and reflex become lightning-fast second nature.

Extended and detachable commander microphone
Acting on community feedback, ROG Vulcan PRO uses an extended and more flexible microphone boom for easier angle adjustment. Its new unidirectional driver boasts more sensitive voice capture for clearer in-game communication (-42dB sensitivity), plus the entire microphone assembly can be detached when not in use to save space and further increase freedom of movement



Product Description
ASUS Vulcan PRO Republic of Gamers - headset
Product Type
Headset - wired
Recommended Use
PC multimedia
Headphones Type
Headset - stereo
Headphones Form Factor
Full size
Connectivity Technology
Sound Output Mode
Audio Specifications
Sensitivity 42 dB - Impedance 32 Ohm
Active Noise Canceling
Detachable - boom



Product Type
21 cm
7 cm
18 cm
326 g
Recommended Use
PC multimedia
Noise cancelling circuit, built-in amplifier, flip down LCD display, 7.1 Channel Virtual Surround Sound


Headphones Form Factor
Full size
Connectivity Technology
Sound Output Mode
Active Noise Canceling
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
42 dB
32 Ohm
40 mm
Magnet Material
Neodymium magnet
In-Cord Volume Control


Detachable - boom
42 dB


Connector Type
Headphones ( mini-phone 3.5mm ) , Microphone ( mini-phone 3.5mm )


Cables Included
Headset cable - detachable - 2.5 m
Included Accessories
Carrying case, cable organizer

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