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Crumpler The Gimp Sleeve for Laptops up to 15"W - Black

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Quicklinx: 90K5WS00
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Crumpler The Gimp Sleeve for Laptops up to 15"W - Black
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You don't even need to say anything about The Gimp neoprene laptop wrap. People just look at it and already they've purchased one in their heads. You could have the crappiest laptop wrap in the world and you'd still buy it just because it looks so great. Hell, if you didn't even have a laptop you'd probably go out and buy one, just so you could wrap The Gimp around anything. And what is even better, is that The New Gimp comes with the Moses Effect. The Moses Effect is a special surface treatment that has been applied to the neoprene allowing it to repel dust, water and other liquids to simply bead or roll off. The neoprene is now even more durable, robust, and thus less affected by dust and dirt.



Product Description
Crumpler The New Gimp with Moses Effect - notebook sleeve

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