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DrayTek ADSL Microfilter



Quicklinx: 3QW2WS00
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DrayTek ADSL Microfilter


If your telephone line is ADSL enabled, the ADSL signal is applied over the same wires from the exchange as your normal voice calls - both services can operate simultaneously. Although the ADSL signal is generally outside the range of a normal audio signal, you would still be able to hear some interference from the ADSL signal on your voice call, so you will need to fit 'microfilters' (also known as ADSL splitters) to your phone extensions. These provide a filtered phone outlet, so that the ADSL signal is removed so that you can use your phone normally. You would normally need a microfilter on all telephone sockets that are used for telephones (unless you have fitted a 'master' microfilter adaptor to your BT master socket, but that is rare nowadays).

Draytek supplies two types of Microfilter; a compact one and a 'tailed' one. As well as your personal preference to the style, the 'tailed' model provides a more comprehensive filtering method (sometimes known as 'active' filtering). Both types have a socket for the telephone, and another socket (RJ11 type) for your ADSL device (modem/router).



Product Description
DrayTek ADSL Microfilter Tailed - POTS filter
Device Type
POTS filter
Form Factor
Digital Signaling Protocol



Device Type
POTS filter
Form Factor


Connectivity Technology
Digital Signaling Protocol

Expansion / Connectivity

1 x modem - ADSL , 1 x phone line

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Not as good as I thought
Reviewed by Neil Parbrook. Review Posted 05/07/2006

Well I live in a radio station and have a lot of trouble with RF interferance on my telephone lines. I purchased this filter as I am of the belief that Vigor are a good manufacturer, however I did find that this device fell short of my expectations and didn't clean the line up as well as the one supplied by my broadband supplier. A small problem for most but I expected better at this price

  • Overall 3*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 2*

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