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Dynamode 3.5" SATA SuperSpeed USB3.0 Enclosure



Quicklinx: 71ZYWS00
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Dynamode 3.5" SATA SuperSpeed USB3.0 Enclosure
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Welcome to the next generation of Super Speed Data Transfer

Are you getting frustrated by long Backup or Restore times of your existing USB2.0 based Hard Disk system? Do you require faster data transfer for watching your stored HD Movies or digital music?

Introducing the new Dynamode USB-HD-3.5S-3.0 which is one of the first external Disk Enclosures to feature the new SuperSpeed™ USB3.0 interface. Up to x10 the data throughput of existing USB2.0, SuperSpeed™ USB3.0 allows up to 5Gbps transfer speeds to your existing USB3.0 interface but at the same time being totally USB2.0 compatible so to protect your existing hardware.

Supporting almost all 3.5-inch SATA interface Hard Disks with a storage capacity of around 2TB, the new USB-HD-3.5S-3.0 features advanced features to get the most out of this exciting new technology including Hardware Encryption and built-in 32-bit RISC CPU. Stylish in design with pocket-sized form factor, Windows™ and MAC™ compatible and bundled with a SuperSpeed™ USB3.0 Data cable, vertical stand and external Power Supply.

Advanced features

  • SuperSpeed USB3.0 ~ up to 5Gbps speeds
  • Backward compatible to HighSpeed USB2.0
  • 3.5-inch SATA I/II (1.5Gbps and 3Gbps) interface
  • Supports up to 2TB (Terabytes) Hard Disk Drive
  • Supplied with external Power Supply Unit
  • On-the-fly Hardware Encryption (AES type)
  • On-board 32-Bit RISC MPU to reduce data overhead
  • Stylish design, can be used Vertical or Horizontal
  • Ideal for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA, Windows7
  • Ideal for MAC OS 8.6 or higher
  • Bundled SuperSpeed Cable, Fixing Kit, CD and PSU



Hard drive caddy
HD Size
Power Supply


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Customer reviews

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Fast and ideal for Photoshop
Reviewed by Anonymous Review Posted 08/03/2013

Nice and cheap, but good quality as expected from Dabs. Really quick on accessing files, loads faster than my old StarTech USB2.0 enclosure. If you want quick access, then buy this, price is decent. Just make sure you have a USB3.0 port.

  • Overall 5*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
Reviewed by Anonymous Review Posted 22/09/2010

Does the job - worked with a 2Gb drive and USb 3.0 light came on when detected, but stopped working for me after a couple of days. Seems tapping it sometimes it works again so could be something lose somewhere but not great experience.

  • Overall 3*
  • Ease of use 3*
  • Value for money 4*
Power supply problems
Reviewed by PJ Hunt. Review Posted 02/02/2011

I purchased 5 of these to see what they were like. Two power supplies failed within a few days. Overall, not great. One sign that the power supply is failing is that the power button will switch the device on but not off. We heard some drive clicking too and of course the device was not recognised on any systems. Drive was ok when tested in another enclosure.

I have also tried a number of the white Fujitsu 400GB Ex HDDs which are as cheap as chips but I understand some of the disks inside are reconditioned. In my view, having removed a number of failed disks, the Fujitsu enclosures are easier to use and more reliable. No power problems with the Fujitsu power supplies.

End result – I am using the 2TB disks I purchased for the Dynamode enclosures happily in Fujitsu enclosures. All Dynamode enclosures are working but I am two power supplies light.

  • Overall 2*
  • Ease of use 3*
  • Value for money 3*
Worst bit of kit ever. Without doubt.
Reviewed by Anonymous Review Posted 29/12/2012

As the title says, this is the worst bit of kit I've ever purchased - A decision I made in less than five minutes flat. Here's why:

1) PSU Cable flimsy and appeared to have a pin damaged.
2) USB Cable too short to be useful and didn't securely fit the caddy.
3) Screws provided were too small and didn't allow the secure fitting of the HDD.
4) Screw threads fell out of flimsy plastic upon a careful first assembly. This meant the end of the enclosure couldn't be secured either.
5) It just didn't work! Several disks, cables and ports resulted in non-detection. Yet, the same cables and disks work perfectly in other caddies.

Just avoid at all costs. Not even worth purchasing as a temporary solution.

  • Overall 1*
  • Ease of use 1*
  • Value for money 1*
Just Does Not Work
Reviewed by John Brassington. Review Posted 07/12/2011

Should have read the other reviews before. Bought this to use with my ASUS media player which has a fig8 3.0 usb port. The unit was not detected by my ASUS with the lead supplied or a standard usb2 to usb2. I tried 3 different drives samsung, wd, and seagate, and also 2 other computers. The Drives powered up the lights were on, but no one was in! I noticed that the usb flat port on the unit advertised was replaced with the fig 8 type usb3.0, now whilst I can sense when connecting it to a computer, but the ASUS already has that type and you cannot buy (as yet) a fig8 to fig8 connecting lead in usb3.0. Also the lead supplied was only a flat usb2 to a fig8 usb3 (bad bad bad) I emailed > < it bounced back - need I say more. I am returning it to DABS, It turns out to be so easy with this new "Collect point" which happens to be a Garage just around the corner.

  • Overall 1*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 3*
Reviewed by Chris. Review Posted 10/12/2010

Very easy to install and use. Can be used with USB2 and when used with USB3 a blue light indicates the high speed. Have had several problems when using this enclosure with a WD 2TB SATAII drive, formatted NTFS under Windows 7 64bit. (Corrupted File Allocation table, Bad Sectors, The drive disconnecting, Window 7 saying the drive needs formatting). So checked the motherboard BIOS updates, driver, WD firmware, WD drive diagnostics - all these were OK or up to date. I then put an older 500GB Seagate drive into the enclosure and got the same errors. I the tried both the WD and Seagate drives in a different enclosure and they worked perfectly when conected to USB2 and USB3. I have emailed Dynamode support twice and have had no reply. Dabs service is excellent - avoid Dynamode.

  • Overall 1*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*

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