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Edge10 EF240A 23.6" 1920 x 1080 VGI DVI 2MS Vesa HD Speakers LED



Quicklinx: 7XWQWS00
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Edge10 EF240A 23.6" 1920 x 1080 VGI DVI 2MS Vesa HD Speakers LED

Customer reviews

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Dead/Broken Pixel
Reviewed by Matthew Best. Review Posted 10/09/2013

Just sent one of these back as it had a dead/broken pixel. Guess this happens from time to time. Apart from that I did my research before purchasing for a (cheap) gaming monitor and its got great specs for a great price. However Dabs are advertising the Response time as 2MS which is incorrect. The website clearly states its a 5MS not a 2MS responce time.

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 2*
  • Value for money 5*
Edge10 EF240A 23.6" Monitor.
Reviewed by Bill. Review Posted 04/03/2013

All up a running in two minutes, simple and very good graphics. Odd menu but once learnt not an issue. Only drawback, VGA lead reached the computer just, but then the supplied audio lead is half a meter shorter than the VGA lead, so does not reach the PC, needs to be at least the same length, so had to buy another audio lead, hence the 4 overall.

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*
Budget Bargain
Reviewed by Tim. Review Posted 28/12/2012

Just unboxed this at work - simple clip-together stand, and came with a mains, VGA and audio lead. The stand is flimsy, so a point dropped for that but the picture quality is superb. The menu is odd: Press Menu: get menu Press -/+: moves selection up/down (press Menu to confirm selection, and -/+ to scroll/slide) Down arrow does nothing, Up arrow is 'escape' That said, after adjusting the colour preset to 'User', and then setting to 50/48/45 RGB, and 57/60 Bright/Contrast, I have a perfect (IMHO) picture. Get two at this price, but spend the saving on a 3rd party VESA mount!

  • Overall 4*
  • Ease of use 4*
  • Value for money 5*

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