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HP 8-Cell Lithium-ion Battery



Quicklinx: 4J06WS00
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HP 8-Cell Lithium-ion Battery
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Product Description
HP - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 4400 mAh
Device Type
Laptop battery
Lithium Ion 8-cell - 4400 mAh
Batteries Qty
Designed For
Pavilion zt3230, zt3231, zt3232, zt3235, zt3236, zt3237, zt3301, zt3302, zt3303, zt3304, zt3306, zt3307, zt3308, zt3309, zt3310, zt3311, zt3313, zt3314, zt3315, zt3316, zt3317, zt3320, zt3329, zt3330, zt3331, zt3332, zt3335, zt3336, zt3337, zt3340, zt3341, zt3342, zt3344, zt3345, zt3346, zt3447



Device Type
Laptop battery


8-cell Lithium Ion
Voltage Provided
14.8 V
4400 mAh

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Compaq Presario X1301AP, X1302AP, X1303AP, X1304AP, X1305AP, X1307AP, X1308AP, X1309AP, X1310AP, X1311AP, X1312AP, X1313AP, X1314AP, X1316AP, X1317AP, X1318AP, X1319AP, X1320AP, X1321AP, X1322AP, X1323AP, X1324AP, X1325AP, X1326AP, X1327AP, X1328AP, X1329AP, X1330AP, X1400AD, X1401AP, X1402AP, X1403AP, X1405AP, X1406AP, X1407AP, X1408AP, X1409AP, X1410AP, X1411AP, X1412AP, X1413AP, X1414AP, X1415AP, X1416AP, X1417AP, X1419AP, X1420AP, X1421AP, X1422AP, X1423AP, X1424AP, X1425AP, X1426AP, X1427AP, X1428AP, X1429AP, X1430AP, X1431AP, X1432AP, X1433AP, X1434AP, X1435AP, X1436AP, X1437AP, X1438AP, X1439AP, X1440AP, X1441AP, X1442AP, X1443AP, X1444AP, X1445AP , HP Pavilion zt3010AP, zt3012AP, zt3012EA, zt3013AP, zt3014AP, zt3015AP, zt3015EA, zt3016AP, zt3017AP, zt3018AP, zt3019AP, zt3019EA, zt3020AP, zt3021AP, zt3022AP, zt3023AP, zt3024AP, zt3025AP, zt3026AP, zt3027AP, zt3028AP, zt3029AP, zt3030AP, zt3031AP, zt3032AP, zt3033AP, zt3034AP, zt3035AP, zt3036AP, zt3037AP, zt3038AP, zt3039AP, zt3040AP, zt3041AP, zt3043AP, zt3044AP, zt3047AP, zt3048AP, zt3049AP, zt3050AP, zt3050EA, zt3051AP, zt3057LA, zt3105EA, zt3115EA, zt3130EA, zt3201AP, zt3202AP, zt3203AP, zt3204AP, zt3205AP, zt3206AP, zt3208AP, zt3209AP, zt3210AP, zt3210EA, zt3211EA, zt3213AP, zt3214AP, zt3215AP, zt3216AP, zt3217AP, zt3218AP, zt3219AP, zt3220AP, zt3221AP, zt3222AP, zt3225AP, zt3228AP, zt3229AP, zt3230AP, zt3231AP, zt3232AP, zt3235AP, zt3236AP, zt3237AP, zt3239EA, zt3260EA, zt3301AP, zt3302AP, zt3302us, zt3303AP, zt3304AP, zt3306AP, zt3307AP, zt3308AP, zt3309AP, zt3310AP, zt3310EA, zt3311AP, zt3312AP, zt3313AP, zt3314AP, zt3315AP, zt3316AP, zt3317AP, zt3318AP, zt3319AP, zt3320AP, zt3320EA, zt3321AP, zt3322AP, zt3323AP, zt3324AP, zt3325AP, zt3326AP, zt3327AP, zt3328AP, zt3329AP, zt3329EA, zt3330AP, zt3331AP, zt3332AP, zt3335AP, zt3336AP, zt3337AP, zt3338AP, zt3339AP, zt3340AP, zt3341AP, zt3342AP, zt3344AP, zt3345AP, zt3346AP, zt3355us, zt3447EA, zt3463EA

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Device Type: Laptop
Type: Battery
Device Screen Size: [N/A]
Colour: Black
Brand: HP
Price Range Inc VAT: 100 - 150

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