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HP Main Battery Pack 10.8v 5200mAh



Quicklinx: 8PMMWS00
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HP Main Battery Pack 10.8v 5200mAh
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Product Description
2-Power Main Battery Pack - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 5200 mAh
Device Type
Laptop battery
Lithium Ion 5200 mAh
Battery Form Factor
Batteries Qty
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year warranty
Designed For
Compaq Mini CQ10; HP Mini 110



Device Type
Laptop battery
Battery Enclosure Type


Lithium Ion
Voltage Provided
10.8 V
5200 mAh

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
1 year warranty
Service & Support Details
Limited warranty - 1 year

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Compaq Mini CQ10-100SO, CQ10-100SS, CQ10-101SA, CQ10-101SO, CQ10-102SO, CQ10-103EO, CQ10-105SO, CQ10-110EC, CQ10-110SB, CQ10-110SE, CQ10-110SG, CQ10-110SL, CQ10-110SP, CQ10-112NR, CQ10-115ES, CQ10-115SS, CQ10-120EZ, CQ10-120LA, CQ10-120SD, CQ10-120SH, CQ10-130CA, CQ10-130EF, CQ10-130SF, CQ10-140SS, CQ10-166SB, CQ10-400SA, CQ10-400SD, CQ10-400SH, CQ10-400SO, CQ10-401SG, CQ10-402EZ, CQ10-410ED, CQ10-410SF, CQ10-420EF, CQ10-420LA, CQ10-420SF, CQ10-420sz, CQ10-422LA, CQ10-500EA, CQ10-500EO, CQ10-500SA, CQ10-500SH, CQ10-500SL, CQ10-500SO, CQ10-500SS, CQ10-501SD, CQ10-510CA, CQ10-510SC, CQ10-510SG, CQ10-510SP, CQ10-510SS, CQ10-511EZ, CQ10-520ES, CQ10-520SG, CQ10-550CA, CQ10-550SP , HP Mini 110-3000ca, 110-3000ea, 110-3000sa, 110-3000sb, 110-3000sd, 110-3001SG, 110-3001sl, 110-3002SG, 110-3002sl, 110-3005so, 110-3010sa, 110-3010sb, 110-3010sf, 110-3010sy, 110-3011sf, 110-3013EZ, 110-3018ca, 110-3018tu, 110-3019la, 110-3020la, 110-3020tu, 110-3021la, 110-3026LA, 110-3027la, 110-3028la, 110-3030nr, 110-3030SS, 110-3040SS, 110-3050CA, 110-3050ss, 110-3098NR, 110-3100ca, 110-3100sg, 110-3100ss, 110-3101sa, 110-3101sd, 110-3101sg, 110-3102sa, 110-3102sg, 110-3102sl, 110-3103sa, 110-3103sg, 110-3103sl, 110-3104sa, 110-3105sl, 110-3106es, 110-3106sl, 110-3108sl, 110-3109sa, 110-3109sl, 110-3110eo, 110-3110ez, 110-3110nr, 110-3110sa, 110-3110so, 110-3110sp, 110-3110ss, 110-3111eo, 110-3111sa, 110-3111ss, 110-3112eo, 110-3112sa, 110-3112so, 110-3113eo, 110-3113sa, 110-3119la, 110-3120eb, 110-3120la, 110-3120sp, 110-3120ss, 110-3121la, 110-3130nr, 110-3130sb, 110-3130ss, 110-3131ss, 110-3132ss, 110-3133ss, 110-3138tu, 110-3140ss, 110-3141ss, 110-3142ss, 110-3143es, 110-3143ss, 110-3150ca, 110-3150ec, 110-3150ed, 110-3150EF, 110-3150sb, 110-3150sf, 110-3150SS, 110-3160ef, 110-3160sf, 110-3170ef, 110-3170SF, 110-3190s, 110-3190sf

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Brand: HP
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