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Sony VGP-AC19V32 - Power adapter



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Sony VGP-AC19V32 - Power adapter
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Eliminate packing your AC adapter every time you leave your home or office. Designed for use with your compatible VAIO notebook, the VGP-AC19V32 AC adapter is the perfect solution for users on the go.



Product Description
Sony VGP-AC19V32 - power adapter
Device Type
Power adapter - external
300 g
Output Voltage
19.5 V
Dimensions (WxDxH)
5 cm x 12.2 cm x 3 cm
Designed For
VAIO E Series SVE14, SVE14122, SVE14126, SVE14A16, SVE14A25, SVE14A26, SVE14A27, SVE15128, SVE15129, SVE1513, SVE1711, SVE1712, SVE17125, SVE1713, SVS1512; VAIO Fit 13; 14; 15; VAIO S Series SVS1311, SVS13117, SVS1312, SVS13126, SVS13127, SVS13A25, SVS13A26, SVS1511, SVS15115, SVS1512, SVS1513



Device Type
Power adapter - external

Power Device

Power Consumption Operational
0.5 Watt
Output Voltage
19.5 V
Max Electric Current
4.7 A


Cables Included
1 x power cable - integrated - 1.8 m , 1 x power cable - external - 75 cm

Dimensions & Weight

5 cm
12.2 cm
3 cm
300 g

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Sony VAIO E Series SVE14126CXP, SVE14126CXW, SVE14A16FGH, SVE14A16FGS, SVE14A25CDB, SVE14A25CDW, SVE14A25CGB, SVE14A25CGP, SVE14A25CGW, SVE14A25CGWI, SVE14A26CGH, SVE14A26CGS, SVE14A27CBS, SVE14A27CGH, SVE14A27CL, SVE14A27CXH, SVE14A2M1E, SVE14A2M6E, SVE14A2V1E, SVE14A2V1EP, SVE14A2V1EW, SVE14A2V2E, SVE14A2V2ES, SVE14A2X1E, SVE14A2X2ES, SVE14A3V2E, SVE14A3X1E, SVE15128CGB, SVE15128CGW, SVE15128CXS, SVE15129CGB, SVE15129CGS, SVE15129CGW, SVE1513A1E, SVE1513B1E, SVE1513C1E, SVE1513D4E, SVE1513E9E, SVE1513F1E, SVE1513F1ESI, SVE1513F4EW, SVE1513G1E, SVE1513H1E, SVE1513J1E, SVE1513K1E, SVE1513L1E, SVE1513N1E, SVE1513O9E, SVE1513P1E, SVE1513Q1E, SVE1513R1E, SVE1513S1E, SVE1513T1E, SVE1513U1E, SVE1513V1E, SVE1513V1ESI, SVE1513W1E, SVE1513Y1E, SVE1513Z1E, SVE1711R1E, SVE17125CGB, SVE1712A4E, SVE1712K1EW, SVE1713A1E, SVE1713D1E, SVE1713E1E, SVE1713F1E, SVE1713F4E, SVE1713G1E, SVE1713H1E, SVE1713H4E, SVE1713I4E, SVE1713J9E, SVE1713K1E, SVE1713K4E, SVE1713L1E, SVE1713L1EW, SVE1713L4E, SVE1713M1E, SVE1713M4E, SVE1713N4E, SVE1713N9E, SVE1713O4E, SVE1713P1E, SVE1713Q1E, SVE1713S1E, SVE1713T1E, SVE1713U1E, SVE1713V1E, SVE1713W1E, SVE1713X1E, SVE1713Y1E, SVE1713Z1E, SVS1512Z9E , Sony VAIO Fit 13A SVF13N1C4E, SVF13N1D4E, SVF13N1J2E, SVF13N1L2E, SVF13N1X2E , Sony VAIO Fit 14A SVF14N1E2E, SVF14N1J2E, SVF14N1N2E , Sony VAIO Fit 15E SVF1521A6E, SVF1521B2E, SVF1521C6E, SVF1521D6E, SVF1521E2E, SVF1521E6E, SVF1521F2E, SVF1521F6E, SVF1521G6E, SVF1521H6E, SVF1521K6E, SVF1521L6E, SVF1521N6E, SVF1521P6E, SVF1521R6E, SVF1521S2E, SVF1521V6E , Sony VAIO S Series SVS13117GG, SVS1311D4E, SVS13126PGB, SVS13126PGR, SVS1312ACXP, SVS1312ACXW, SVS1312G3E, SVS1312H3E, SVS1312J3E, SVS1312K3E, SVS1312N9E, SVS1312P9E, SVS1312Q9E, SVS1312R9E, SVS1312S9E, SVS1312S9EB, SVS13A25PGB, SVS13A25PXB, SVS13A26PGB, SVS15115FG, SVS1511A4EB, SVS1512S1E, SVS1512V1E, SVS1512V9E, SVS1512VUSBAI, SVS1512X9E, SVS1512Z1E, SVS1512Z9E, SVS1513B4E, SVS1513C4E, SVS1513D4E

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