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SteelSeries Diablo III Headset - Gaming Headset ( ear-cup )

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Whether it's the faint clinks of loot dropping or the booming bass of demon spawn meeting their end, Diablo III is a game that must be heard. The SteelSeries Diablo III Headset has a lightweight, over-the-head suspension design that provides players with closed-type, leather earcups keeping the outside world out and the game sound in. Its earcups comfortably surround the ear and reproduce an optimized soundscape through 50mm driver units that are meant to immerse a player even further into the Burning Hells.

Its matte-black finish replicates the SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse theme by featuring a unique, knot-work design on the headband, together with "demon red" illumination. The first illuminated headset designed by SteelSeries, it will offer players ON/OFF illumination and 3 levels of pulsation options. Coming from a total of 18 LED lights throughout the headset, the red glow is seen in two places each on the right and left side - surrounding the edge of each ear cup, and the three Diablo slashes.

The headset will also include SteelSeries' signature, uni-directional retractable microphone-system for clear voice communication. Its in-line volume and mute controls are found on a durable, double-braided nylon cord with a USB connector. For players looking for more control over their sound settings, the headset is also powered through SteelSeries Engine software, where they will find microphone volume and equalizer settings via an easy-to-navigate Diablo III interface.

Incredible Sound
Featuring 50mm driver units that reproduce crystal clear sounds in high, low, and mid-range tones is at the core of what is creating an incredible Diablo III audio experience. Whether it's the ominously toned soundtrack, the approaching hiss of a Witch Doctor's firebomb or the bloody rage of a Barbarian whirlwind, users will clearly hear the gut wrenching hurls and exploding innards of your enemies.

Equalize It All
Let's face it, the way you hear the game is unique to the tones your hearing can pick up, and probably completely different than the next gamer, which is why SteelSeries provides Diablo® III Headset users the ability to adjust, personalize and save all of their audio and equalizer settings. Save up to 8 settings for specific character profiles.

Keep Out The Noise
The earcups feature a leather covered noise reducing foam, which helps you to focus on the important audio or voice communication, and not being disturbed or interrupted by outside noise.

Lightweight Champion
SteelSeries over-the-head suspension design keeps the Diablo III Headset cans lightweight and adjustable for just about every head size. We believe in keeping the gameplay heavy, not the gear your're wearing to play it.

Retractable Microphone
The Diablo III Headset features a retractable microphone system. Pull it out when you need it. Hide it in the left earcup when you don't.

Glow Baby Glow
It's not the Burning Hells that power this bad boy, but a total of 18 LED lights to power the red illumination and 4 pulsation options.

Demon Red Illumination
Alert the world around you that you're in the game. - The matte black headset features "demon" red, LED illumination on the right and left side Diablo III logo slashes and around each earcup. Choose your pulsating glow or if lights don't interest you, easily turn it OFF via the SteelSeries Diablo III Headset software.

In Control
The integrated volume controller on the cord offers also offers a mute button, all for instant control without having to navigate through software settings.

Smart Noise-Cancelling Mic
When you're playing multiplayer, it's more than just rugged skill that will win you achievements, it's communication that will help you dominate. To support that, The Diablo III Headset features an active noise-cancelling, "smart" microphone that allows your team to hear you above whatever is happening in the area around you - appliances, dogs barking, whining spouses, and more.


Hardware Heaven
"The overall sound is very lively with loads of volume and regardless of the task we threw at the headset it performed well, including of course Diablo 3 where the soundtrack was recreated with plenty of detail, as were the in-game sound effects. "
"Our fellow players also noted that voice communications were exceptionally clear with no background noise evident. Finally, as always, we love the fact our microphone can be hidden inside the left ear cup when not in use, while offering maximum flexibility when extended."
Score: 9/10

"While there are headphones that do one thing such as music or movies better, it it hard to find a do it all headset like the Steelseries Diablo III headset. "
"It performs well at everything it does and looks very good while doing so. For fans of the Diablo series this headset is a must-buy to go with the much anticipated Diablo III game."
Score: 9/10

Legit Reviews
"The headset, is made of quality parts, is comfortable to wear and has great quality sound that just can't be beat. The LED trigger pulse illumination, along with the graphic designs, makes this headset look absolutely awesome as well."

The next Web
"In all, low and mid-frequency sounds are punchy, and highs are clear enough in game to keep all but the most picky of audiophile happy. I tested the D3 with World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2. In every instance, I was well pleased with what I heard, and the audio lived up to what I'd expect from a headset in this price range."
"Add the comfort and sound quality to the features like that retractable microphone and OS X compatibility and the SteelSeries Diablo 3 Headset is a winner."

VG Revolution
"Overall the SteelSeries Diablo III Headset is a very worthy gaming headset. SteelSeries continues to impress me with their products. The form and function of this headset are top-notch."
"Form the awesome Diablo theme of the headset to the full rich audio it pumps out, this is a perfect headset for any PC gamer."

Horde Review
"The headset is very light weight, yet does not sacrifice durability. When you look at the headset it is very well put together, and has steel screws keeping it together throughout."
"The sound quality input is probably some of the best I have used as well. When using the microphone I was actually complimented in vent to how well I sounded. You can hear it in my video as well. It is by no means a professional microphone for recording, but in terms of game-play it gets the point across clearly, and also has a superior sound cancellation of background noise."

Highlights of the SteelSeries Diablo III Headset - Gaming Headset ( ear-cup )

  • Closed ear headphones
  • Retractable microphone system
  • Crystal clear high, low and mid-tones
  • Optimized soundscape specific for Diablo gameplay
  • In-line volume and mute controls with a gold-plated, USB connection
  • Powered by SteelSeries Engine software, can configure illumination settings, equalizer presets and microphone volume
  • 50mm driver units
  • Lightweight suspension construction
  • ON/OFF Diablo III-themed, Illumination options
  • Custom Diablo III design

    Clear sound reproduction – from the atmospheric music to bones shattering.
  • OS X (&) WIN

    Diablo® III themed driver for Mac OS X and Windows.

    The earcups and Diablo® III slashes illuminate red and can pulsate to your gameplay.

    Passive noise reduction via leather padded cushions built from sound dampening foam.

    "Invisible", noise-cancelling microphone stored in the left ear-cup.

    50mm drivers provide a detailed audio experience at high, low and mid tones.

    Lightweight headband suspension for comfort during long gaming sessions.

    Integrated volume and microphone control located on headset cord.



Product Description
SteelSeries Diablo III Headset - headset
Product Type
Headset - wired
Recommended Use
Additional Functions
LED lights
Headphones Form Factor
Full size
Connectivity Technology
Sound Output Mode
Audio Specifications
Frequency Response 20 - 20000 Hz - Sensitivity 108 dB
32 Ohm
Microphone Operation Mode
Mute, volume



Product Type
Additional Functions
LED lights
24 cm
12 cm
27 cm
0.68 kg
Recommended Use


Headphones Form Factor
Connectivity Technology
Available Microphone
Sound Output Mode
Frequency Response
20 - 20000 Hz
108 dB
32 Ohm
50 mm
In-Cord Volume Control


Microphone Operation Mode
-38 dB
Frequency Response
100 - 10000 Hz

Remote Control

Mute, volume


Connector Type
USB ( 4 PIN USB Type A )


Plated Connector


Cables Included
Headset cable - 4 m
Compliant Standards

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