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WASP INV CONTROL ENT Inventory Control Standard with DT10



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WASP INV CONTROL ENT Inventory Control Standard with DT10


The Mobile DT10 Solution pairs Wasp Inventory Control software with the DT10 mobile computer, allowing for an affordable, efficient solution for your inventory needs.

Wasp Inventory Control software makes accurately tracking inventory simple and intuitive. Load the software on a PC, and use the mobile license on the DT10 mobile computer. The DT10 gives you the flexibility to scan and track inventory away from your PC, allowing you to make updates and changes on-the-go. Updated information can be transferred to the Inventory Control database using the DT10 communication cable.

The Mobile DT10 Solution is supported by Wasp, so you are assured that everything works together right from the start.


The DT10 mobile computer offers a lightweight, pocket sized design, without compromising performance. With the ability to withstand multiple 4 foot drops to concrete, the DT10 is ideal for retail and field force automation environments. The DT10 features an XScale™ PXA310 processor, Windows CE 5.0 operating system, and memory of 128 MB RAM and 256 MB Flash, delivering a robust, customizable mobile computer.

Inventory Control Software

Get in control of your inventory with Wasp Inventory Control - the complete inventory tracking solution for small businesses. Increase the value of your business, satisfy your customers and create more freedom in your life with Inventory Control.

Wasp Inventory Control will help you eliminate common inventory problems including: Costly end of year inventory write-offs Inaccurate inventory counts resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales Wasted time spent searching for missing inventory

Engineered to improve efficiency and profitability, Wasp Inventory Control provides the capabilities you need to accurately track inventory, without the complexity or expense of an enterprise solution. Easy. Efficient. Affordable.

Ideal for businesses ranging from individual contractors to larger operations with multiple locations, Inventory Control delivers advanced capabilities in an easy-to-use format. Inventory Control is recommended for: Warehouses Light manufacturing and distribution centers Retailers Stock rooms & supply closets Inventory-carrying mobile trucks, ships or containers Installation contractors or any business that buys, stocks and sells parts and products.

Inventory Control allows you to define multiple sites (including a warehouse, stock room, or supply closet) with multiple locations (a bin, shelf, or even a pallet within the location). It's simple to track your inventory by location, serial number, lot or any combination of the numerous `track-bys'.

Easily create barcode labels with Wasp Inventory Control. Print barcode labels or inventory tags using data from the Inventory Control database. Attach barcode labels to inventory items, physical locations or pallets to quickly improve efficiency.

This ready-to-use inventory tracking solution includes: Inventory Control Standard software DT10 mobile computer 1 PC client licenses 1 mobile computer licenses Integrated full version of WaspLabeler Free, unlimited technical support for the life of the product

System Requirements

PC System Requirements 32-bit or 64-bit version of: Windows® 7 Professional Windows Vista Premium Windows XP (SP3) Professional Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2003

750 MHz or faster processor (2 GHz recommended) 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended) 10 GB of available disk space 1024 x 768 display, 256 colors minimum DVD drive for installation

Mobile Computer Requirements

Wasp InventoryControl supports Windows® Embedded Handheld, Windows Mobile, and Windows CE devices only. Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Windows Mobile 2003 or later Windows CE 4.2 or higher 64 MB of RAM

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