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Y-cam Knight IP Camera External Housing



Quicklinx: 53DNWS00
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Y-cam Knight IP Camera External Housing


The Y-cam Shell is an external housing enabling any of Y-cam's indoor Y-cam models to be mounted outside. It is built from carefully specified materials to minimize signal attenuation, making sure that your Wi-Fi signal retains its strength, while always protecting your camera from the elements.

The mounting bracket is universal - allowing the camera to be orientated in any desired direction and is semi-cable managed allowing the power and, if necessary, the Ethernet/network cable to be routed to the camera.

Highlights of the Y-cam Knight IP Camera External Housing

  • Fully weatherproof
  • Made from high-quality anti-UV rays ABS material
  • Will not interfere with any of your Y-cam functions
  • Easy to install



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Y-cam Knight

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