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What do I do if there is something missing from my delivery?

Read on if you'd like to know...

  • How to report an incomplete delivery

In Brief...

  • If there seems to be something missing from your delivery, please contact us straight away. See below under "Need Further Assistance".
  • We will work out what has gone wrong and try to get the missing item to you as soon as possible

Further information

If you've taken delivery of a consignment and you believe goods are missing, then please firstly carefully check the details of your consignment/delivery note against what you have actually received. It may be that the missing goods were not actually included in this consignment and will be dispatched separately.

If your consignment/delivery note does indeed detail the item(s) that is missing, then please contact us straight away so we may resolve the problem for you. See below under "Need Further Assistance".

It would really help us if you'd provide us with the following information:

  • Product name of item(s) missing
  • The consignment number of the delivery from which the item(s) is missing
  • Your order number