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About Dabs: Our history and growth HQ

In the beginning... may now be one of the UK's largest online electronics retailers, but it wasn't always like this. The original Dabs group (before we added the .com) was founded in 1987 by two enterprising young men, and friends: entrepreneur David Atherton (DA) and writer Bruce Smith (BS). Together, Dave and Bruce launched Dabs Press, a publisher of technology books specialising in 'how to' guides for an increasingly technology-focussed world. Three years later, despite an enduring friendship, the two went their separate ways, leaving David in 100% control of Dabs.

From starting out helping people understand technology, David saw it as a natural progression to start selling the technology itself, and it was only a matter of time before Dabs Direct was established. Launched in 1990, Dabs Direct was the offline (ah, remember mail order?) predecessor to the online enterprise you know and love today.


Dabs' Warehouse

...It's Getting Better All The Time...

The IT and Technology world has progressed in astounding leaps and bounds over the past twenty years and, having started the company in 1990 with the faintest rumblings of the great Silicon Valley revolution on the horizon, Dabs had to continuously adapt to growing demand and never-ending technological advances. However, with the evolving technology, Dabs was provided with new ways to provide excellent customer service and the latest products at competitive prices. It is testament to the Dabs' management team that they were able to take us across from the realm of the real to the online world, to leave behind the postal orders and start our journey on the internet superhighway.

Unsurprisingly, our prowess and reputation brought us unprecedented attention and so, in April 2006, David sold the Dabs Group. It was a sad day for us all, having said goodbye to BS we no longer had the DA. However, luckily, we got BT, and as of April 28th 2006, Dabs came under control of British Telecom, now providers of one of the UK's fastest broadband and highest quality television services. This transition marked the start of many exciting developments in the Dabs' saga.

Dabs Montage

...Today has now collected a multitude of high profile awards over the years for both its outstanding online retailing, as well as its exemplary overall business performance. Some of the awards that we're most proud of include the "What Laptop!", "PC Pro" and "Computeractive" magazine awards for "Best Online Retailer", as well as always appearing on Hitwise's Top 10 website awards, awarded to those with the largest online presences (this year we beat and misco. Get us!).

We know the internet's fairly old now, and most people who grew up with it know the difference between safe and unsafe internet shopping, but just to be on the safe (better than sorry) side we let you know on every page our commitment to secure internet commerce.

Serving the whole of the UK from our state-of-the-art office near Bolton (Westhoughton if you must know), Dabs employ over 300 people all committed to providing you, our customer, with the best possible service. And seeing as there are over a million visits per month, with over 85,000 of you liking our Facebook pages and following our tweets, as well as 90% of you recommending our humble website to your friends, we certainly think we're doing something right (and we're not about to stop now).


- Dabs

Getting To You

Our Registered Office is at:

Alpha Beta House, Enterprise Park
Horwich, Bolton

Dabs is registered in England Number: 2621728
VAT Registration Number: GB 245 7193 48
Producer Registration Number: WEE/AH0065TW
Our Main Trading Office Address is:
Alpha Beta House, Enterprise Park
Horwich, Bolton
For directions to our Main Trading Office, click this link.

General enquiries:
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