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The world's number one
brand for gaming accessories

Razer believes that truly phenomenal products are designed using cutting edge technologies. They then test the hell out of them with the world's top pro-gamers in dedicated research and development labs. No other gaming hardware company in the world boasts the infrastructure and technology of Razer. Their passion speaks through the quality of the products they produce – giving you a competitive winning edge.

Watch Video

Watch the APM (actions per minute) of 5 times professional gaming world champion "Jang Jae "Moon", and Lee Yun "NaDa" winner of 6 major gaming titles whilst using Razer Gaming hardware.

Razer Mice - Engineered for Gaming

Every computer user needs a good mouse, and at Razer we work from the ground up to offer gaming mice that live up to the performance requirements of gamers everywhere. In fact, our mice are so advanced that most operating systems consider them “Human Interface Devices” instead of just mice.

Razer Keyboards - Designed for Gaming Supremacy

Whether you are a MMO, MOBA, FPS, or a MMORPG gamer, our wide range of prolific gaming keyboards are fitted with enhanced features that will enable you to destroy your opponents and leave a trail of destruction in your wake.

Razer Audio - Gaming Fidelity

Razer provides a wide range of gaming and music audio solutions including headsets, headphones, earphones and speakers, all of which are designed to deliver exceptional audio quality and to arm you with the tactical advantage.

Razer Mouse Mats - Feel The Difference

The mouse mat. Sidekick to your Razer gaming mouse. The canvas for your win. Meticulously designed and constructed to deliver precision and performance under your mouse.