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  • Intel Core i5 FI

    The best processors you can buy

    Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Dave at, one of our favourite sources for tech news and reviews. Here are his thoughts on the best processors around today. Things have been changing pretty quickly in the world of processors recently. First off […]

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  • Dabs Diamond Awards

    Diamonds are a Dabs’ Best Friend… (I’m sorry)

    The stage was set and the tension could be cut with a knife at the 4th Annual Diamond Awards held in the Manchester Hilton on Thursday night. Hundreds of delegates from some of the industry’s biggest names sat in anticipation, waiting to hear the results. […]

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  • intel-sandy-bridge-chip

    The best Intel Sandy Bridge motherboards around

    Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Dave at, one of our favourite sources for tech news and reviews. Here’s his thoughts on the best Intel Sandy Bridge motherboards around today. Intel’s current best consumer processor is undoubtedly its Sandy Bridge range with […]

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  • Cheetah

    Buyers’ Guide: The top SSDs on test from £130

    Storage News There is a wide range of SSDs to choose from and selecting the most appropriate drive can be a tricky choice.  Having a good look around can be very worthwhile, once you know what it is you need to look out for and […]

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  • temporary-banner

    Better Late Than Never!

    “Dunc, when ARE you doing another blog?!” I know, I know, it’s been a while – and I can only apologise to those of you that have followed Dunc’s Deals since July last year – I really have been busy and not lazy (as some […]

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  • SSDBlog3

    Solid State Drives: What’s the buzz?

    Solid state drives have been a popular inclusion into many PCs recently, and the list of benefits for adding them into your setup is long.  Yet I’ve recently talked to a few people on Twitter and on Facebook to explain why they are a good […]

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  • temporary-banner

    Forums and Football, Deals and Dopiaza

    “McDunc – I’m Not Lovin’ It” Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any betterafter the jubilant return of the Chilean miners… it’s the return of Dunc! Happy Friday everyone! In the same week as 33 Chilean miners returned from two months underground, […]

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  • duncs-deals-update10

    Gingerbread & Fry-ups, Stephen Fry & 3D, United at last!

    “Bless The Bottoms of Technology!” According to my trusty calendar it’s been 10 weeks since I first started the Dunc’s Deal updates! In less than three months you guys, and girls, have embraced the Dunc and taken advantage of plenty of free offers and exclusive […]

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  • duncs-deals-update6


    Helping Kris Akabusi (tenuous), Hose-pipe Bans and Crazy Deals! It’s Friday once again and as I am writing this, and you are reading it, it must mean we all survived Friday 13th – although looking out of the window here at dabs it looks like […]

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  • duncs-deals-update5

    I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night

    Keith Lemon, Peas, Exclusive deals & Ben the Dog needs a meal! Well done if you’re reading this today – Friday 13th – or even afterwards; as it means you survived “the most feared day of the year”. Despite my claims that I am terrified […]

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